Welcome Molly & Will

Molly & Will

Introducing our newest team members, Molly and Will!

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Molly Johannes

Growing up, I wanted nothing to do with diabetes. My parents and doctors encouraged me to attend diabetes camp so I could meet and make friends with T1D peers, but I stubbornly resisted the notion…until it was time for me to go off to college at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

I was nervous about making this transition, but this changed when I had a chance encounter with someone named Christina Roth. She told me all about a group she started when she attended UMass herself: And that happened to be the College Diabetes Network.

In September 2011, I attended my very first CDN chapter meeting and I couldn’t believe I had waited so long to hang out with people my age who knew exactly what it’s like to live with diabetes. I was hooked and wanted to make as many connections as possible! In my three-and-a-half years at UMass, I served as the Chapter President and started writing for an online diabetes magazine in my spare time.

When I graduated, I put diabetes work on the backburner and started my career as an Editor in the financial technology industry. But I still kept in touch with my contacts at CDN and volunteered at the annual student retreats and provided my editorial skills to some of their resource guides. Eventually, I missed actively forging connections within the diabetes community, so I decided to blend this with my love for writing/creating content by launching my own diabetes blog, Hugging the Cactus, in October 2017. My blog has cultivated and deepened my relationships within the diabetes community, and by choosing to leave the corporate world behind and officially joining the CDN team, I will continue to do so on a new, exciting level as the Community Engagement Manager.

I’m thrilled to be part of an organization that has given me confidence, skills, connections, and so much more over the years. I can’t wait to jump into all things CDN and help provide young adults with what they need in order to live their best lives, despite diabetes!

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Will Jennette

My name is Will Jennette, and I am thrilled to be joining CDN as a Program Coordinator! After a year of pandemic and especially difficult times for college students, Chapters, and organizations worldwide, I could not be more excited to join ahead of the upcoming academic year. After a year like none other, facing many challenges as we move forward into a new normal, I look forward to working with our Chapters all around the country to come back stronger and more connected than ever before. 

I was diagnosed with T1D in February of my senior year in high school. I have never been shy about saying that if it weren’t for CDN and their resources, I would not have had the confidence to learn how to manage diabetes, and move into a dorm at a 4-year college all in 6 months. Since then, I founded the Chapter of CDN at George Mason University, and was involved with CDN’s national network during my time in college. I attended two CDN retreats, and was part of a focus group editing resources for newly diagnosed young adults. I am thrilled to be coming back to CDN and to have the chance to work with students across the country to start, maintain, and strengthen CDN Chapters. 

In my free time, I enjoy traveling (23 countries and counting!), cooking, and advocating for causes that I care about (like T1D awareness!). I look forward to getting to know our student leaders, and helping CDN grow their programs and Chapter network in the new, post-COVID world.