"Tie-dying" to Get to Know You

Jada Sanchez, East Carolina University '24

As a CDN Chapter starting from scratch, it has been a responsibility-heavy journey that has truly paid off. On March 21, our College Diabetes Network Chapter at East Carolina University hosted our first member bonding event titled “Tie-dying to Get to Know You”. Our members to came together to play games, eat lunch, and, of course, tie-dye shirts. With the pandemic, I was hesitant to host an in-person event, but I made sure that everyone in attendance knew the rules and regulations for how we could have fun safely.

To start, our Chapter had very little funds to our name, so I applied for the CDN Chapter grant. The grant application helped me with the budgeting and planning process. It also pushed me to realize that we all needed a break from regular life and how much I was tie-dying to get to know the new members of my Chapter. To help us raise additional funds to create this event, our chapter held a Kahoot 50/50 diabetes trivia night and a percentage night at a local Mexican restaurant that we attended as a group.


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"The grant application helped me with the budgeting and planning process."

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After I received the grant from CDN, it was go time. I created a google form for the members of ECU’s chapter to RSVP, select their shirt size, order their subway catered box, and add a few songs to our Chapter’s playlist. To enforce the COVID-19 safety precautions, I created a section of the form that required the members to type their names in each box after reading the rules. This allowed them to certify that they read and understood what was required to have a safe and fun event. ECU was extremely flexible with allowing us to use a room large enough for the eleven members in attendance to remain six feet apart, have their own table, that was sanitized and covered with a disposable tablecloth.

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As members began to arrive, I had them sign-in, grab their labeled lunches and swag. Once everyone in the group was situated, we ate lunch together while playing Jackbox Party Games. Playing those virtual games was a spur of the moment decision, as I was stumped on what we could do spread apart while we ate our lunches. In the end we all learned a lot about each other and enjoyed the friendly competition. After about an hour of eating and playing Jackbox, we started the tie-dying.

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During the tie-dying, our Chapter’s Spotify playlist played in the background. Pictures were taken, jokes were made, and shirts were tie-dyed the orange, blue, and green - colors of the College Diabetes Network. The clean-up was simple as each table had a tablecloth to protect it from any mess and germs. With the great feedback I received from the members, via an anonymous feedback google form and text messages, our Chapter is meeting up at a pottery decorating shop in a few weeks to have some more fun.


Editor's note: Thank you to CDN Corporate Member, Lilly Diabetes and Novo Nordisk for sponsoring our CDN Chapter grant program.

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Jada Sanchez

In the spring semester of 2021, Jada was made Chapter President for the CDN Chapter at East Carolina University in Eastern North Carolina. She is a double major of Hispanic Studies and Public Health with an expected graduation year of 2024. In addition to the presidency with CDN, she is also the president of A Moment of Magic on campus. She has a three-year-old black lab named Cali, who is her biggest supporter! She has had T1D since September 11, 2015 and that has encouraged her to pursue a career in pediatric endocrinology, while A Moment of Magic has sparked an interest for her in pediatric oncology.