Diabetes is an isolating disease, but the ‘silver lining’ is the friendships one forms doing things like the Texas Regional Retreat hosted by the Texas A&M CDN Chapter in College Station, Texas. This was the second such retreat held among Texas CDN Chapters. I attended the first retreat in 2019 held in Austin. It was similarly set up, however there were changes made which balanced the retreat a little (such as moving activities from Saturday to Sunday). The support from CDN makes this… Read more
The second annual Texas CDN Regional Retreat took place at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX on February 22 and 23. The event hosted students from Texas A&M University, Stephen F. Austin State University (SFASU), The University of Texas, and Texas Woman’s University. This was my first experience planning an event of this nature, so I grew a lot throughout the process. The most important resources for me were the people who helped me with the planning and logistics of the… Read more
I’m a person with diabetes that makes it known. When the alarms ring, I’m the first to joke that my spaceship has arrived. It’s sometimes hard to bring humor to a topic that is so personal and comes with so much struggle. But if you want to bring change and advocate for people with diabetes, as a person with diabetes, you have to make it known. Not everyone who struggles with this disease is as open about it, and that’s completely understandable. For a multitude of reasons, sharing information… Read more
Editor's note: this article origiunally appeared as an editorial in ADA's Diabetes Spectrum Journal. For some time now, “Get involved with diabetes community” has been on my to-do list. I am a physician with type 1 diabetes, but I’m not an endocrinologist; rather, I’m a pediatric hospitalist. At my institution, as I expect is true at other academic centers, many of the physicians, nurses, and ancillary staff in the Division of Endocrinology have diabetes. There is a community within a… Read more
CDN Chapters are doing amazing things every day and we want to recognize the passion, creativity, and dedication we see through our Chapters, leaders, and student members. Our Chapter Spotlight Initiative celebrates these people and the awesome things they do! Want to nominate your Chapter? Fill out this form!  . . .  Featuring: Miami University in Oxford, Ohio! Is your Chapter working on any special projects or events this semester?  This semester, our Chapter was invited to present at an… Read more
Coming to college in August after having only being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) a year prior was frightening, and I felt a sense of being alone. I longed for a sense of togetherness and to know that no, I am not alone. I resonated with CDN’s motto “on your own, but not alone,” and decided to take on the responsibility of founding the WashU Chapter of the College Diabetes Network.
Juliann Burkett (The College of New Jersey, Class of 2020) I have been a diabetic for over 8 years. I was diagnosed as a small, shy eleven-year-old. My dad is also type 1 so I was used to seeing the needles, working a pump, treating lows, and the smell of insulin, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one day all of those things would apply to me. I had my dad as my support system, or as we say, my “dia-buddy”, but I was the only diabetic in my grade from the time I was diagnosed… Read more
Natalie Hurlbut, University Of Vermont CDN Chapter If somebody were to just look at the College Diabetes Network retreat without knowing much about it, they would see 25 diabetic students from 18 states that attend 25 different colleges flying, driving, and taking trains to Logan International Airport in Boston, MA. You would also see them awaiting Dan (whom we all thought was at least 65) for a five day retreat in Maine to talk all about diabetes. They would probably also consider us a bunch… Read more
I have recently learned that one of the most difficult things about running a club in college is pushing the word out in your campus community about it. Almost every single person from the fall 2017 semester that was a part of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Chapter that I am president of had either graduated, or had started things like student teaching, and didn’t have enough time to be a part of the club anymore. So when I was passed down the torch to become the next leader of the… Read more
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