Type 1 diabetes (T1D) makes us all different; different in a good way, an interesting way, and sometimes in a not-so-good way. I actively fought against being different as I grew up with type 1. I hid my T1D until I was in high school, running to the nurse’s office for injections, blood glucose readings, and anything remotely related to my type 1. I refused to carry around a purse or bag with my supplies, dramatically hiding it in a pencil case so none of my classmates would know my pancreas no… Read more
While I was a leader at DOSES, Ohio University’s CDN chapter, I had the opportunity to participate in the CDN Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training presented by Roche Diabetes Care. I have participated in several diversity trainings and attended seminars in the past, but it was a unique experience to watch a diversity and inclusion training that focused on the diabetes community. When I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 10 years ago, I remember being told that “type 1 diabetes doesn’… Read more
As a CDN Chapter starting from scratch, it has been a responsibility-heavy journey that has truly paid off. On March 21, our College Diabetes Network Chapter at East Carolina University hosted our first member bonding event titled “Tie-dying to Get to Know You”. Our members to came together to play games, eat lunch, and, of course, tie-dye shirts. With the pandemic, I was hesitant to host an in-person event, but I made sure that everyone in attendance knew the rules and regulations for how we… Read more
Editor's note: This is cross-posted from CDN Chapter member Shanley's blog. This blog post is a bit different from my standard college articles, but I try to write about what’s on my mind and what I think it could benefit others to read. You may not know that, in addition to celiac disease (hence my gluten-free food posts), I was diagnosed with type one diabetes almost ten years ago now. You’re welcome to look it up if you want more information from a medical professional, but being type one… Read more
My name is Christina, and I am the Director of Development and Social Media Chair for Dawgs for Diabetes, the CDN Chapter at The University of Georgia (UGA). I am a Senior at UGA, and I will graduate in May of 2021 with a degree in Nutritional Sciences. As a type 1 for six years, I am passionate about helping my diabetes community. My plans after graduation are to find work in endocrinology research or for a Diabetic supply company.   Each year our Chapter hosts a campus tour from a diabetes… Read more
College Diabetes week is always an exciting time for the Rowan University CDN Chapter. Along with goals of educating our campus population and celebrating our diabetes, we love to fundraise! Our Chapter was so excited to find out that we were named the top fundraising team in CDN’s CDW 2019 fundraiser - we were all so proud to be able to provide support to an organization that already gives so much to us. However, fundraising isn’t always easy, it can be really hard, especially if you have a… Read more
Hello! My name is Ashley Conley. I am 25 years old, a medical student at UQ-Ochsner Medical School, and a type 1 for over 23 years. In the photo with me is Nick Morriss, he is also 25 years old, a medical student at Duke University School of Medicine, and he has had T1D for 11 years. We were classmates at Colby College, where we built the foundation for a life-long friendship because of our shared experiences and understanding of what it means to live with type 1 diabetes. We arrived at Colby… Read more
Editor's Note: Learn how to start a CDN Chapter at your school here. Going into quarantine, the CDN Chapter at my school wasn’t exactly a full Chapter yet. We were just a small group of students that had first connected in January, but we were all determined to fill the same need at our university. None of us had experienced a community on campus where we had access to other students with type 1 diabetes, so we recognized the importance of building a space where we could create new connections… Read more
Diabetes is an isolating disease, but the ‘silver lining’ is the friendships one forms doing things like the Texas Regional Retreat hosted by the Texas A&M CDN Chapter in College Station, Texas. This was the second such retreat held among Texas CDN Chapters. I attended the first retreat in 2019 held in Austin. It was similarly set up, however there were changes made which balanced the retreat a little (such as moving activities from Saturday to Sunday). The support from CDN makes this… Read more
The second annual Texas CDN Regional Retreat took place at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX on February 22 and 23. The event hosted students from Texas A&M University, Stephen F. Austin State University (SFASU), The University of Texas, and Texas Woman’s University. This was my first experience planning an event of this nature, so I grew a lot throughout the process. The most important resources for me were the people who helped me with the planning and logistics of the… Read more
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