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While navigating college, Greek life, and diabetes, it can feel as if you’re speaking a different language. Fear not! In no time, you will be an expert "translator"! For the past 12 years, I have had type 1 diabetes. Once I went to college, I was finally at a cornerstone in my life where I would truly be responsible for my own decisions as an adult. It was my time to choose my major, social life and most importantly how I would handle my diabetes. At first, it would be easy to think that all… Read more
So your child wants to get involved in Greek life… While you may be freaking out on the inside, try to keep calm on the outside. Don’t immediately say no, and don’t start listing all of the terrible things that might happen to them. Here are a couple main points you can use to help guide your conversation with your child. Center the conversation around self-advocacy – discuss how to self-advocate and the best time to talk to the fraternity/sorority. These will be important skills for your… Read more
Greek life was something I had considered joining prior to college. Both my mom and dad were involved with Greek organizations in college and they always raved about the experiences they had, their friends they made, and how much fun it was. However, when I got to school freshman year, I had settled in with a group of friends and decided that Greek life wasn’t something I necessarily needed. Then spring semester came around and it was time to register for formal recruitment, and my friends and… Read more
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