College holds many new experiences for students, including socializing, partying, and for some, alcohol. These new experiences may hold challenges for students with T1D since alcohol can cause hypoglycemia. Certain drinks contain carbohydrates, which can rapidly raise blood sugar. Despite this, alcohol consumption causes an increase in insulin secretion which can lead to lows - particularly when you are bolusing extra to correct high blood sugar. Many mixed drinks or wines can cause a rapid… Read more
Editor's note: Always know the laws of your state/jurisdiction before using marijuana. CDN does not condone the illegal use of any substance. This blog is not intended to replace, change, or modify anything your doctor tells you. Consult with your doctor with any questions you may have. This is the first blog in a series about marijuana and T1D, so check back for more blogs later! There is little research about marijuana, let alone much research about marijuana and its impact on T1D. One study… Read more
Before leaving for college, I had one last visit with my endocrinologist from back home. His parting words of advice to me were, “Now, if you remember anything about taking care of yourself in college, remember this: Hard alcohol will drop your blood sugar, drinks like beer will make it go up, and then you will drop.” I had never experienced alcohol before then; it was foreign and a little bit scary. This was mostly because my parents had always strongly advised against it. I don’t blame them… Read more
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