Young Adult Diagnosis

  How old were you when you were diagnosed with T1D? I was 19 years old at the time of diagnosis. How did you feel when you were diagnosed? What happened? I was very surprised to be honest. At first I thought it was a disaster because I was told I should only ride my bike for 1 mile, so my cycling dreams were effectively over. But thankfully this only lasted 24 hours because I researched Team Novo Nordisk (TNN, known as Team Type 1 at the time) and ordered Phil Southerland’s book, Not Dead… Read more
Editor's note: friend of CDN and athlete Carly Lenett interviewed Mandy Marquardt, a professional track cyclist who is competing to earn her spot in the 2020 Olympics!    Carly Lenett: How old were you when you were diagnosed with T1D?  Mandy Marquardt: I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 16 while racing and living in Mannheim, Germany with my father.   CL: Did you know anyone else who had type 1 at that time? (I was lucky I had my dad) Who did you get advice and support from… Read more
Editor's note: friend of CDN and athlete Carly Lenett interviewed Kendall Simmons, a former NFL player with T1D about his diagnosis as a young adult and his tips for college & T1D.  CL: I wanted to talk with you a bit about your diagnosis and how you adjusted to this new reality. You were 23, so you pretty much had your whole routine down and had just entered the NFL. Did you feel alone at first? What kind of support did you have in the beginning? KS: Honestly, I can say I never really… Read more
SYDNEY QUINN (UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - OSHKOSH, CLASS OF 2020) When I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) a little over a year ago, I felt completely isolated. While I knew a few people in my personal life that had it, I never felt like I had a strong support system, which was both frustrating and lonely. I had my family and friends, but I needed someone who understood what it was like to live with something so taxing. Not only that, but there was so much that I still didn’t know… Read more
College is hard. It’s hard for a normal student. Balancing classes, studying, friendships, a social life, and exercise can be a challenging endeavor for even the most successful scholar. Then throw in diabetes. For us who are “lucky” to have this disease, we have one more tedious thing to add to the mix. I was diagnosed with type one diabetes (T1D) in November of 2013, 9 months before I shipped off for my freshman year at my dream school, the University of Georgia (UGA). While my diagnosis and… Read more
My very first introduction to diabetes came as a young girl. The beginning years of my life, I was raised by my maternal great grandmother. She tested her blood sugar (begrudgingly) as little as possible and used her grandchildren as candy and Dr. Pepper mules, sneaking contraband to her while no one was looking. I loved her enormously, and would do anything she asked me to, so I happily ignored the disease which became the reigning reason why Nana couldn't have the treats she craved. Five… Read more
On March 25th, 2014, I called my mom and told her I was feeling a little funny. I didn’t have the flu or a cold, and I don’t have allergies. But I was drinking water like crazy, and going to the bathroom all the time. As a freshman in college, I was in an awkward stage where I couldn’t just call my parents and expect them to make it all better, but there were also practical issues like transportation, money, and insurance that I needed their help with. So after I explained how I was feeling, my… Read more
“College is the best 4 years of your life,” sounds like such a cop-out, but for me and my almost 22 years of life, it has been absolutely true. I have laughed with people I never thought I would have met, eaten food I had only ever dreamed about, checked quite a few items off my bucket list, and learned to think and act like a pancreas 24/7. I’ll be the first to say, I did not see that last one coming. Six days before my 20th birthday, I went to the health center on campus for what I thought… Read more
Diabetes was never something I even thought about. There was no history of it in my immediate family and from what I knew, it was only something you got if you ate too much sugar. I was nineteen... so I was in the clear, right? It was my freshman year at Penn State University and just started my spring semester. I had gotten through the transition in the fall and was ready for my new classes. Unfortunately, that’s exactly when I came down with strep throat, which led to the flu. After a week… Read more
Almost three weeks before I was supposed to move to Boston for my first-year of school at Simmons College, my entire life was flipped in a completely unexpected direction. At 18 years-old, on August 6th, 2015 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) during a routine check-up at my pediatrician’s office. My doctor discovered that I had lost 10 pounds since the year before, even though I was not trying to lose weight. She immediately began to investigate, and when they took my blood sugar, it… Read more
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