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Question: Help!!! I was just diagnosed, and my prom is a week away!!! I’ve lost so much weight any don’t think I’ll fit into my dress anymore. What should I do? Answers: Maddy: Being diagnosed with diabetes is a hard transition for anyone no matter their age, but I think one of the most important things you can learn with having diabetes is that it shouldn’t stop you from living your life! It sounds like from the tone of your question you still want to go to prom, so good for you! I… Read more
STUDENT ADVICE COLUMNISTS ABBEY AND CASEY Question 12: I’m starting college in the fall and I’m so nervous for graduation and then starting college. Do you know of a good way to hide your pump under your dress that isn’t uncomfortable? What do I do if my roommate is weird about me having diabetes? Abbey: First off, try not to be too nervous about graduation and starting college! I am a creature of habit and the change from high school to college can be nerve-wracking, but think of it as the… Read more
Question: How can I help my friend who has depression and diabetes? Answer - Maddy: Rates of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are higher in T1Ds compared to the rest of the population, so your loved one is absolutely not alone. Being a teenager is hard already, and the stress of managing diabetes and mental health on top of school, extracurriculars, and work can make it extra challenging. Acknowledging that your friend has a lot on their plate is a great place to start when… Read more
Question: How does alcohol/weed affect blood sugar? I've heard hard liquor makes you go high and then drops you low in the morning, and wine keeps you high? So does that mean I should only bolus for wines and not liquor?  Answers: Zach: Hi! Great question! I can only offer you my thoughts on alcohol and my blood sugar, and I want you to know that everyone’s bodies react differently to alcohol, so you’ll have to experiment with your own limits. Personally, I don’t see a huge difference between… Read more
Question  How do I tell my roommate about my diabetes? Should I be sensitive about it, or just tell her my needs? Answer  Abbey: Everyone approaches telling their roommates a little differently. I am not sensitive about it and nor should you be! I commute to school and live at home; however, this is a topic we have talked about multiple times at our CDN Chapter meetings. I will share ‘roommate stories’ from the perspective of two different group members. One girl told her roommate the first… Read more
Question: What kind of disabilities services should I ask for? I am a freshman in college and I'm not really sure what I might need from the Office for Disability Services (ODS) for T1D, and the ODS counselor isn't really sure what is appropriate to offer. Thanks. Answers: Maddy: You’ve already taken a smart step at the start of your college career by getting in touch with ODS! I went through my first two years of college not even knowing I could have registered with my university’s student… Read more
Question: When you meet someone or first become friends with someone do you tell them you're a diabetic? When do you feel is the appropriate time and way to tell people? Answers: Zach: Great question! Honestly, it depends on how comfortable you are with sharing that you have diabetes. For myself, I don’t usually bring it up immediately, but if I feel like I need to test my blood sugar or if I have to give insulin, I will do it even if I’m in front of a new person. Usually this causes the… Read more
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