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On August 15, 2016 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D). In the preceding three weeks I had lost 24 pounds, become fatigued, developed blurry vision, and somehow more frighteningly than anything else... the skin on my palms was peeling as though from a sunburn. At that time I was completely ignorant about diabetes. I didn’t know the difference between the two types, the causes, the relative genetic risks for each, or really anything else. I didn’t have the slightest idea how an insulin… Read more
STUDENT ADVICE COLUMNIST MADDY Question: How can I help my friend who has depression and diabetes? Answer - Maddy: Rates of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are higher in T1Ds compared to the rest of the population, so your loved one is absolutely not alone. Being a teenager is hard already, and the stress of managing diabetes and mental health on top of school, extracurriculars, and work can make it extra challenging. Acknowledging that your friend has a lot on their… Read more
My name is Madison Lambert, I am 19 years old and a first-year student at Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts. Being a social work major, the topic of self-care comes up just about every day. I was diagnosed with type one diabetes at the age of 18; less than a year ago on August 6, 2015. I was diagnosed during a routine appointment at my pediatrician’s office with a blood glucose of over 600 and immediately sent to the emergency room.  I found myself having to fine tune and create new self… Read more
To begin, I want to get a point or two across. First, individuals with type 1 diabetes (T1D) manage their chronic illness and may struggle with it in their own unique way. However, there can definitely be similarities between individuals and their management/struggles, which brings me to my next point: there are many individuals living with T1D who I have met or know of that have struggled with anxiety and depression due to life struggles, but also managing their T1D . To me, this situation… Read more
Sabrina Bhandari, University of California-Riverside '19   It's dark. My body is submerged in a cold sweat, all of my muscles begin to tremble as I try to move, and finally what I consider the worst part, my chest feels awkwardly and unimaginably heavy, making it difficult to breathe. I’m on my bed, feeling a sickening lack of energy caused by low blood sugar, and I’m all alone. To all my fellow T1D’s, even though type 1 diabetes (T1D) only affected a few hours of my sleep last night, you… Read more
Sarah Raschbaum, Loyola University of Maryland '19 Diabetes does not define me. I refuse to give that kind of power to a disease that I did not ask for – a disease that has, without my permission, become all that I eat, breathe, and sleep. I refuse to let type one diabetes (T1D) become the definition of who I am. I will, however, choose to let diabetes empower me. With the understanding that what I accept from this disease is on my terms and my terms only. I will allow T1D to make me stronger… Read more
Editor's Note: This blog is for informational purposes only and to share a CDN Student's experience. It is not intended as medical advice or treatment. Consult with your healthcare provider (such as a primary care physician, endocrinologist, mental health provider, etc) for advice, possible diagnosis, treatment, information, etc. for any health related matter. If you think you are having a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.  Note from Meagan: Everyone experiences his or… Read more
KRISTEN LEWIS, CDN ALUMNA The past year has been one of the most difficult of my life. Between car troubles, a stay in the ICU with DKA and my grandma's death I felt like I was drowning. The thing (or should I say person) that kept me afloat happened to be a boy. Someone with whom I shared my heart, my fears, my hopes and my home. Somehow he made it okay, holding me on nights when I cried for the grandma I would never see again or the hospital bill that seemed insurmountable. He tested my… Read more
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