Off to Work

“Can you turn your alarm off?” That has probably been asked of me more times that I am willing to confess. Throughout elementary school, middle school and even at college, I heard those words. I am grateful for those who know I’m diabetic and show a little kindness. However, I knew once college ended and I got a job, different boundaries would have to be in place. When I worked as a tutor or a cashier at a pizza joint, everyone knew I was diabetic. Everyone knew what that looked like and… Read more
“What are you doing after graduation?” I bet you can already feel the sweaty palms, smoke-coming-out-of-your-ears, stuttering, fists clenching reaction to those words. Sometimes I’d joke that I would be moving to Iceland, opening a doggy-day care or was going to try to set a world-record for the longest congo line. Graduating virtually mid-pandemic threw me for a loop, just like every other class of 2020 graduate. Before, when The Dreaded Question came up, I never joked that I would move… Read more
Undergrad is awesome. It is simultaneously challenging, exciting, exhausting, scary, fun, and four years of immense growth. You make wonderful friends, get the best support from your campus’ CDN Chapter, and then, you graduate. Moving away to college, I was undoubtedly nervous and excited, but very naive to the changes that moving away from home and into a whole new world would entail. Then, when I graduated college and decided to move away again for grad school, I was much more aware of the… Read more
Editor's note: Have more health insurance questions? Click here. When I turned 25 in early January 2020, I knew that in 365 short days I would no longer have the luxury of my parents’ health insurance. At that time,  my employment contract had been preemptively terminated and leaving me at that point unemployed for three months. I had loans, a car payment, and rent to pay. The possibility of having to navigate paying for health insurance on top of all that was an overwhelming thought. I had a… Read more
Graduate college: Check. Pass my NCLEX: Check. Accept my first job offer: Check. When I was going through the mental checklist of milestones I was expected to be meeting after graduating college, I forgot to include one of the most important things - diabetes. My main focus was making sure that I was keeping up with everyone around me.   When I started my first job as a new graduate nurse on a cardiac floor, I already felt behind all of my peers. I was one of the few people in my… Read more
Editor's note: Want to be better prepared as you adjust to the real world? Download CDN's Off to Work guide - it has all you need to know about managing T1D and work! If you were like me, you were so prepared for the transition to college that you had checklists, extra supplies, and plans on how to engage in courageous conversations with your roommate(s). If you were like me you had researched the type of food in the dining hall and talked through a meal plan with your care team. It seemed as… Read more
Ah… the bittersweet feelings of college graduation. I know for me personally, and I’m sure many can relate, this was a time of relief and pride after completing a rigorous 4-year degree, however, it was also a frightening reality check as I attempted to understand my future role as a working adult whilst maintaining proper control of my diabetes. As the reality of entering the real world set in, there was some part of my brain that just couldn’t shake the image of 45-year-old me chugging OJ and… Read more
As my daughter, Courtney, prepares to graduate from college this week, I have been reflecting upon the past four years wondering how we made it through college with our daughter having type 1 diabetes. I’ve thought of the support, and the travel and the connections she has made and they all led me back to the College Diabetes Network. I’ll never forget the first diabetes conference we went to shortly after Courtney was diagnosed in 2013. We walked around the tradeshow floor and walked up to… Read more
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