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The College Diabetes Network has chosen two student leaders from their NextGen Leadership Program to attend the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life Conference. Meet the students here! The Friends for Life Conference Conference in Orlando, Florida from July 16-21, 2019, brings together clinicians, researchers, physicians, adults, children, and families affected by diabetes to learn the most current information in diabetes care.  CDN chooses its NextGen young adults to attend diabetes… Read more
This past June, I attended the ADA Scientific Sessions in San Francisco. As a CDN NextGen Leader, I had the incredible opportunity to connect with a mentor in the diabetes sector: a child psychologist who specializes in pediatric diabetes care. I am a recent graduate of Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. I am also a CDN Chapter leader on campus and have had type 1 diabetes for over three years. As an aspiring pediatric endocrinologist and a psychology major, I was excited to learn… Read more
The opportunity to attend ADA, thanks to CDN’s Nextgen program, was an opportunity of a lifetime. The conference allowed me to make many new connections, including with 5 other young adults who aspire to enter the diabetes healthcare field, my mentor and other innovators in diabetes patient care and technology. Before coming to the conference, I already had an interest in working with high school teens, college students and young adults with T1D, and eventually becoming a certified diabetes… Read more
Editor's note: Emily was chosen as a CDN NextGen student to attend the ADA Scientific Sessions. Check out what she learned there! I was diagnosed with type one diabetes at the age of 11 on May 5th, 2009. Because we caught it early, my body was still helping me out by making at least some insulin, so I wasn’t really fazed at first. During my “honeymoon phase”, diabetes became a part of my life that was second nature and thus it was not too difficult to control. It also helped that I had always… Read more
Meet our NextGen students who will be attending the 2019 AADE Meeting! CDN’s NextGen Leadership Program is designed to provide a pathway for young adults to feel empowered to become the future of diabetes leaders in our society and represent the young adult voice in the sector. While attending these national events and conferences, selected students attend sessions in breakthrough research, participate in networking receptions with key stakeholders, and are matched with an expert to serve as a… Read more
    How does my voice count? I’m one person out of everyone in America. There’s no way my voice will be heard. Lies. This was my mindset before attending The Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC) Training Meeting a few weeks ago. I quickly learned during this time that I had the opportunity to make my voice so LOUD that people only have the option to hear me. This isn’t done by yelling or being in people's faces... this is done by simply telling my story.      
As my daughter, Courtney, prepares to graduate from college this week, I have been reflecting upon the past four years wondering how we made it through college with our daughter having type 1 diabetes. I’ve thought of the support, and the travel and the connections she has made and they all led me back to the College Diabetes Network. I’ll never forget the first diabetes conference we went to shortly after Courtney was diagnosed in 2013. We walked around the tradeshow floor and walked up to… Read more
Sarah Twomey The College Diabetes Network (857) 415-3733 The College Diabetes Network has chosen six students for their NextGen Leadership Program to attend the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Scientific Sessions Conference to represent the College Diabetes Network this summer. The Scientific Sessions is the world's largest, most prominent meeting on diabetes. This year's meeting will be held June 7-11, 2019 in San Francisco. The Scientific Sessions… Read more
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend College Diabetes Network’s Leadership Summit in Boston, MA with 11 other college students and young adults from across the country. As a graduating senior I was looking forward to sharing my college experiences with peers, industry leaders, and CDN staff. My expectations of the events were far surpassed and even weeks later I am still thinking about the friendships, networking, and knowledge I gained in a single weekend. The events were created… Read more
The summer before my first semester of college, I came across the College Diabetes Network by chance. I knew right then and there I had to get involved with them. I felt as if nobody on campus really knew what type one diabetes (T1D) was and my campus had no resources for college students who have diabetes.That ignited the fire to bring that community and awareness of T1D to campus. Everybody at CDN was so helpful and responsive. They made the process of starting the club easy and soon after… Read more
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