Editor's note: This is the first in an ongoing series of posts by Oliver Shane, who is a high school student with type 1 diabetes. Welcome to The Poetic Diabetic! I’ve been working hard on studying for finals. Now that they’re all over with, I have plenty of time to work on these blogs! Another thing I’ve had a lot more time to do since school’s ended has been working out, which is the subject of this blog. If you’re anything like me, diabetes might make it difficult for you to work out, due… Read more
Do you have a running list in your mind of everything you need to get done but cannot seem to make yourself do anything? Do you find yourself feeling like you are never actually leaving work/school because you now live there? Has your anxiety about living with diabetes as a college student increased because you are in a “high risk” category during a pandemic? If you answered yes to any of these, you are not alone. Living in this COVID-19 era, we have all had to juggle working from home,… Read more
Today, Team Type 1 is the world’s largest diabetes and sports organization with more than 170 athletes with type 1 diabetes. Their programs focus on affordable access to diabetes medication and care all over the globe. A cornerstone initiative, the Global Ambassador Scholarship Program, awards college scholarships to US-based student-athletes with diabetes attending and playing a sport for an NCAA or NAIA school. The funds awarded offset the financial burden diabetes places on families and… Read more
  How old were you when you were diagnosed with T1D? I was 19 years old at the time of diagnosis. How did you feel when you were diagnosed? What happened? I was very surprised to be honest. At first I thought it was a disaster because I was told I should only ride my bike for 1 mile, so my cycling dreams were effectively over. But thankfully this only lasted 24 hours because I researched Team Novo Nordisk (TNN, known as Team Type 1 at the time) and ordered Phil Southerland’s book, Not Dead… Read more
It wasn’t even a year old when my parents got the news that would change my life forever. At 11 months old, I got diagnosed with type one diabetes. Since then, almost 19 years later, there has not been a day where diabetes hasn’t been on my mind. I was lucky to grow up with extremely supportive friends and family which made fighting this disease much easier. For the most part, I lived a normal life. I was fortunate to never be left out or forgotten about, and I can thank my parents a lot for… Read more
Being an athlete already has its many stresses on everyday life. Being a person with type 1 and being an athlete is another level of stress, but it can be managed and done successfully. I was 14 when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I had to learn quickly how to manage this disease and still be able to do all the normal things I wanted to do. In college, there are many thoughts and choices that you have daily – what do I eat today, how late should I stay up, did I get my schoolwork done… Read more
Editor's note: friend of CDN and athlete Carly Lenett interviewed Mandy Marquardt, a professional track cyclist who is competing to earn her spot in the 2020 Olympics!    Carly Lenett: How old were you when you were diagnosed with T1D?  Mandy Marquardt: I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 16 while racing and living in Mannheim, Germany with my father.   CL: Did you know anyone else who had type 1 at that time? (I was lucky I had my dad) Who did you get advice and support from… Read more
Were you diagnosed as a young adult, too? Check out our Guide for Young Adults Newly Diagnosed with T1D! Editor's note: friend of CDN and athlete Carly Lenett interviewed Kendall Simmons, a former NFL player with T1D about his diagnosis as a young adult and his tips for college & T1D.  CL: I wanted to talk with you a bit about your diagnosis and how you adjusted to this new reality. You were 23, so you pretty much had your whole routine down and had just entered the NFL. Did you feel… Read more
It is no secret that adjusting to college life is a great challenge for many young adults. For me, having both type one diabetes and college athletics incorporated into my daily routine makes some days more difficult than others. Having just wrapped up my first year of school away from home, I have learned a lot when it comes to balancing school, sports, and type one diabetes. Some of the biggest takeaways from my freshman year experience include the importance of preparation, openness with my… Read more
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