Editor's Note: CDN chapters, get inspired for hosting your own events this semester! Learn about Kylie's experience putting together her first event, from start to finish, and how the CDN team can help turn your vision into a reality. This spring, the MIT CDN chapter decided to plan and run a diabetes technology event. This idea came about during the winter check in meeting. In the fall, the chapter was idle, and I was looking for ways we could do something in the spring. Mary Jane and I… Read more
Being someone with type 1 diabetes, I can relate to insulin prices being absurdly high. My name is Bradley Martin, a 2021 NextGen Fellow for CDN. Pursuing a bachelors in Digital Media Studies at the University of Rochester, I find it difficult to afford both tuition and medical bills. I am fortunate enough to be able to afford my insulin, but there are many in this world who cannot. They are forced to ration their insulin or develop other unhealthy habits that result in many unfortunate… Read more
After almost 21 years with Type 1 diabetes, you’d think I’d have it all figured out -right? WRONG! My name is Courtney Enright and I am a first-year graduate student at Stony Brook University. Over the last 20 years, I feel like I’ve experienced it all when it comes to type one diabetes: highs, lows and everything in between. For me, one of the scariest parts about being a type one is the constant changes and advancements in diabetic technology. In September of 2021, after some intense thought… Read more
Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes is a challenge no matter the person’s age or stage of life. Personally, I was diagnosed in November of my senior year in college. In retrospect, being diagnosed as a 21-year-old can seem like a blessing, avoiding years of additional needles and doctors appointments, visits to the nurse’s office in elementary school, and the misconceptions of my young peers. However, this surprise diagnosis still managed to wreak havoc on my college life, turning carefree… Read more
Recently, I had the opportunity to interview George Huntley, CEO of the Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC) and Diabetes Leadership Council (DLC). I asked him about current diabetes-related legislation and policy, and I learned more about DPAC’s vision for the future as well as their efforts and achievements that are already underway.
When I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, one of my first questions was, “How soon can I get on a pump?” A short 30 days later I switched from multiple daily injections (MDI) to a pump and my life, that had just changed became so much easier. Before Omnipod, I was using a traditional tubed pump with buttons. With Omnipod DASH, I was able to ditch the tubing and the buttons for a Pod and receiver (also called a personal diabetes manager, which I’ll refer to as a PDM) that is touchscreen… Read more
My name is Bailey Cox, and I am a junior at Clemson University in South Carolina. I am a marketing major with an economics minor, and I am the co-president and founder of Clemson’s current College Diabetes Network Chapter. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age ten and started using the Dexcom CGM at age 15. Initially, I was hesitant to share my blood sugars with others because I did not want to feel inadequate and lose my independence in controlling my own blood sugars. I agreed to… Read more
I recently had the pleasure to speak with Paul Edick, the Chairman and CEO of Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc., about Gvoke HypoPen®, a ready-to-use form of glucagon. As a person with type one diabetes, one of my biggest fears has always been low blood sugar. Thankfully, up to this point, I’ve always been able to treat my lows by myself by eating fast-acting carbohydrates. But what do you do when a person with diabetes has passed out from low blood sugar, or if eating carbs is not working to raise… Read more
Being able to sense changes in my blood sugar before it can potentially become dangerous has always been a struggle for me. Even after having type one diabetes for five years, I am still not able to recognize the signs and symptoms until it’s too late. When my endocrinologist introduced me to the magic of Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) my life changed completely. With an extra tool on my body, I was finally able to feel confident going to sleep, taking a shower, and hanging out with friends… Read more
Hi everyone! I’m Jenna and I’m a 2021 NextGen Fellow with CDN. I’ve been living with T1D for about 11 years and have been using a CGM for 6 of those years. Although I rely heavily on my CGM for daily management, I didn’t fully understand how I could use time in range to gain a better understanding of my daily blood sugar trends. Therefore, when the opportunity to interview Gary Scheiner, MS CDCES presented itself I thought it would be a great way to learn more about this topic. Gary is the… Read more
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