Preparing to leave

Editor's note: we recently interviewed Jack, a 15 year old high school student living with T1D. He gave us his thoughts on how his life with T1D, and what he has been considering as he starts thinking about college.   Introduce yourself-tell us a bit about your story, when you were diagnosed, what you're involved in.   My name is Jack and I have had type 1 diabetes since I was 5 years old. I was diagnosed when I started kindergarten. It was strange transitioning into elementary school, but it… Read more
Editor's note: We've been checking in with Kendall and his father, Curtis as Kendall moves through his high school years and prepares to head off to college. Check out his experiences as a Freshman and Sophomore. Junior year of high school Kendall’s questions 1. Looking back, how was sophomore year different than freshman year? It was easier to manage time, I was a little more comfortable in what I was doing for classes, and managing what was expected of me at school, home and practice. 2… Read more
Sophomore year of high school -T1D student questions How was sophomore year different than freshman year? This year was easier to manage and less stressful. Learning to juggle honors classes and varsity basketball was a challenge but I am learning the importance of independence and planning for college, so I have to figure it out. What was harder and what was easier? I still have honors classes, but they were much easier to handle now that high school isn’t so new. I don’t have to feel like an… Read more
CDN followed Kendall Nether, and his father Curtis, each year as Kendall moved through high school and prepared to head off to college.  What was it like when your son was diagnosed? Kendall was diagnosed on March 22, 2003, he was 18 months old. Today, this date is affectionately known as his diaversary. I have found most parents never forget the exact date and time when their daughter/son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Kendall’s warning signs went unnoticed as we assumed the strep throat… Read more
Editor's note: this blog was originally published in 2014. Did you know CDN is turning 10 this year? We are going to highlighting some our favorites blogs from the last ten years and raising money we can keep going strong for another 10 years. Please help us celebrate by donating $10 for 10 years! As I prepare to send my third child off to college, I can’t help but reflect on when my twin daughters, Hannah and Mary, left for college two years ago. It wasn’t easy seeing two of the four leave at… Read more
Four years ago my daughter was jumping up and down screaming with joy, holding the admission letter to her dream college, which was 500 miles away from our home. I was cowering in a corner, wondering how we would ever survive. Today my daughter’s final semester is set – her schedule chosen, her internship in Congress extended. She’s almost ready to go out in the “real world” and she has rocked college, life and yes, diabetes. If I knew then what I know now … since I cannot go back, I’m going… Read more
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