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This was the message conveyed to me after one of the best endocrinology appointments I’ve ever had, at least in my adulthood. At the beginning of the appointment, my nurse practitioner asked me what I’d like to discuss with her. I babbled on and on about a disheartening message exchange between myself and another member of my healthcare team in which I was told I needed to have better control of my diabetes. I expressed how frustrating this was because I’ve made a lot of progress over the… Read more
Living with a chronic illness can be a lot at times. I remember being told the odds of depression or anxiety occurring in those living with type 1 diabetes is two to three times more than the average person. I always thought I would never be in that position. I had a good grasp on my blood sugars, and my A1c had always been relatively in-target. I was diagnosed with T1D at age 8, and honestly had not run into many issues with my diabetes until I was about 17. My senior year of high school, I… Read more
The Clinical and Research Advisory Committee is an active working group of multi-disciplinary service providers in the diabetes community who have a passion and interest for supporting the young adult population with type 1 diabetes. These providers are committed to working with CDN to identify innovative approaches to ease the management of diabetes among young adults. We will be interviewing members of this Committee to introduce you to them, their work in the diabetes sector, their research… Read more
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