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Q: What is a CDN Chapter?

A: CDN Chapters are student-led groups that provide peer support to students impacted by diabetes. Our Chapters participate in a range of activities, from volunteering and advocacy, to casual hangouts, group trips, and weekly meetings. CDN Chapters are a place at college where you can find other students who just ‘get it’.

Q: Why should I start or join a CDN Chapter? 

A: The transition to college is a difficult time, and making this transition with diabetes is even harder. Having support from peers who ‘get it’ makes dealing with diabetes at college easier. Many CDN alumni say that being involved in their Chapter was one of the most rewarding experiences of their college career. Starting a Chapter is an opportunity to build a community of peer support for you and other students with diabetes.


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student quote - CDN has opened up a whole new outlet of support for me- new friendships, new career and growth opportunities. I am so happy to be part of something so amazing!


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Q: How do I start a CDN Chapter? 

A: The first step is to fill out the “Start a Chapter” form. After you fill out the form, CDN’s Chapter team will reach out to you within 2 weeks to set up a call to get to know each other and assess the next steps that make the most sense for you and your school. Students receive support from CDN staff throughout the process, and we take it one step at a time. We will help you find other students with diabetes, register as a club on your campus, plan first meetings and events, and build a strong and sustainable community. Every college or university is different, and therefore every start a Chapter process is different! 

Q: I don’t think I’m the kind of person who would start a club.

A: People with diabetes are resilient, and familiar with working through and overcoming challenges. These are also the qualities of a good leader. There is no one ‘right’ type of person who starts or leads a CDN Chapter. Anyone can start a Chapter because anyone who understands diabetes and the need for peer support can step up to build that community.

Q: My school has an inactive chapter, how can I get it started back up? 

A: If your school has an inactive Chapter, this means that the Chapter is no longer in communication with CDN National. This could be because a leader graduated, or there were not enough members to keep the Chapter running. If you are interested in bringing the Chapter back, please fill out this form and we will be in touch!

Q: What do CDN Chapters do? 

A: Every CDN Chapter is different, just like every college or university is different. Most of our Chapters do a combination of casual meetups (monthly dinners, game night) and larger events (Off to College events, fundraisers, or other community outreach). Many of our students find that giving back to the diabetes community and having access to peer support, enriches their college experience. 

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