Stacey Cunnington

Stacey Cunnington
Communications and Operations Coordinator

Stacey was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in June of 2011 when she was almost 16 years old. She immediately became involved in the T1D community where she learned about The College Diabetes Network. She started a CDN Chapter her sophomore year at Boston University, which led her to attend the annual CDN student retreat in 2015. She returned to CDN as an intern the following summer to once again attend the annual retreat and work on the creation of the Campus Advisory Committee. She is constantly inspired and amazed by the CDN students, and is thrilled to be able to work with them and the CDN team.

Age Diagnosed: 15 and 10 months

What she likes to do: Travel, try new restaurants, dance, explore Boston, be around small animals.

Favorite thing about diabetes: Seeing a stranger on the street with a pump/Dexcom and giving each other “the nod” and how unique the diabetes community is.

Least favorite thing about diabetes: The constant worry over whether you’ll be OK in the next moment, the next year, the next 10 years, and so on.

Biggest T1D struggle while in college: Keeping the distractions and worries about diabetes under control during classes and tests.