Malissa McQuillan

Malissa McQuillan
Program Assistant

Malissa graduated from the University of Delaware in Spring 2017 with a degree in Health Behavior Science and Public Health. She was diagnosed with T1D in the year 2000 when she was 5 years old, soon followed by her older sister, and then her dad. While at school, she got involved in T1D research as a Research Assistant, where she looked at how the transition to college affects diabetes related quality of life in freshmen and sophomore students. Additionally, she interned at the local JDRF Chapter, where she realized she wanted to continue her career in the non-profit sector and work with people with T1D!

Age Diagnosed: 5

What she likes to do: Go to the beach, read inspiring books, eat Mexican food, travel (when I have the opportunity to).

Favorite thing about diabetes: The instant connection you have with someone with T1D and being able to listen to their 'T1D stories'.

Least favorite thing about diabetes: The roller coaster affects my blood sugars have on my mood/energy levels.

Biggest T1D struggle while in college: Everyone from my high school knew I had T1D, so my biggest struggle going to a college where I originally did not know a single person was constantly having 'the talk' with all of my new friends/professors/people in my life about T1D.