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Applications for the 2022 Fellowship are now closed. 

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2022 NextGen Fellowship

In the early days of CDN, student volunteers represented the organization at diabetes conferences and events across the country. As each conference season approached, there were new opportunities to involve young adults in conversations around clinical care and innovation, which was embraced by both conference hosts and industry alike. In 2018, the first official NextGen Leadership cohort was formed. In 2021, CDN launched a new and robust Fellowship Program, combining the historical conference experience with more formal leadership training and peer connections. Due to overwhelming success and interest, we are expanded the size of our Fellowship in 2022!

We accepted 30 Fellows (2 cohorts of 15 fellows) to participate in this life-changing opportunity for those curious in what it might be like to work in the diabetes sector. The Fellowship runs from April-November with a rigorous schedule of leadership and professional development opportunities as well as peer connections, mentorship, and growth. 

It’s no secret that diabetes has a profound impact on our lives. CDN recognizes the passion and motivation of young adults across the country to positively influence the future of diabetes care and treatment. We’ve designed this program to be educational yet inspirational, and full of peer support and professional skill building to set you up for long-term success.

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Cohort 1 - Medicine, Research & Entrepreneurship

Cohort 1 - Medicine, Research & Entrepreneurship

Apply to be a part of this cohort if you are tech savvy, dream of going into medicine to be an endocrinologist, or are jazzed about research. This cohort will feature leadership development and professional opportunities geared towards the individual interested in a career pathway in medicine, research, technology, entrepreneurship and business. 

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Cohort 2 - Community Health and Patient Advocacy

Apply to this cohort if your “dream job” includes patient advocacy or diabetes care and education specialist and you are on track to pursue a degree in nursing, psychology, nutrition/dietetics, social work, public health, and more. This curriculum will feature leadership workshops designed to continue to empower the individual looking to educate and advocate for people with diabetes.

  • Cohort 2 Summit Series meets Wednesdays, June 22-August 3 from 8-9:30pm ET. (No Session week of July 4). 
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Fellowship Components 

Fellowship Orientation Night 
An hour long session to officially kick off the Fellowship Class of 2022. Meet and greet with CDN Staff, all 30 Fellows, and hear from alumni, inspirational speakers, and review of the expectations and opportunities for Fellows. 

Leadership Development workshop “Summit Series”
A weekly series of interactive workshops on topics designed to inform and inspire Fellows to become productive leaders and advocates in their field of interest and within the broader diabetes community. Topics include Self Advocacy, Mental Health and Burnout, “Telling Your Story,” the “Business of Diabetes,” and more. Each week will have required reading. Come eager to learn and share your voice. These workshops expose Fellows to new opportunities in the diabetes sector, facilitate a strong and deep network of trusted peers, and provide an introduction to companies and organizations in the industry with the aim to increase Fellows’ confidence in a career path related to diabetes. Cohort 1 meets Wednesdays, April 13-May 25 and Cohort 2 meets Wednesdays, June 22-August 3. 

Professional Mentorship & Networking
Having a mentor early in your career will help you network with those who have “been there, done that” and open doors in your future career. Fellows will be matched with industry professionals - physicians, nurses, researchers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, engineers, etc. 

  • Better understanding of roles and career pathways
  • Access to resources and organizations for future growth
  • Individualized Q&A opportunities
  • Future reference and long term supporters

National Conference Attendance 
In 2022, we are hopeful that both the ADA Scientific Sessions and ADCES Annual Meeting will be held in person. If so, you have the opportunity to attend a 3-4 day conference full of networking, research sessions, and peer connections. Up to 10 spots for each conference will be available. Flight, lodging, food, and registration will be covered.

Industry Night 
CDN’s Corporate Members, including representatives from diabetes technology and pharmaceutical companies, will be present for this interactive evening. This is an opportunity for the young adult voice and experience to be shared directly with executive leadership at these companies. Both cohorts will participate in the session. 

Public Speaking Opportunities 
Fellows are CDN’s most distinguished advocates and will have the opportunity to represent their experience authentically with CDN’s programs internally as well as with peer organizations. 

Final Projects
Team projects are a capstone of CDN’s NextGen Fellowship. This is an opportunity to connect your individual interests to the leadership skills and knowledge you’ve acquired through the program. Think of this as “a team thesis” which will empower you all to share your diabetes knowledge with confidence and passion in a practical and professional setting. Projects will be presented to the CDN community, staff, and board of directors during the month of November. Exact date and time TBD


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Thank you to our sponsors of the NextGen Fellowship program!

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Thank you to our partners for supporting the NextGen Fellowship program!