Meet Ty Stiller: Team Type 1 Global Ambassador

Ty Stiller

While spring isn’t the main season for volleyball, I was incredibly excited for it. I broke my arm mid-season in the fall and could not wait to get back out on the court when our spring season was cancelled two days before our first tournament. There is not much else to say about that except for it sucked. Now that we are all online, my team has a group Snapchat that we send our daily workouts in. Whether it is the workouts assigned by our strength and conditioning coach, daily runs, or sharing programs that we find online, having to look for new ways to be active has been great! Without access to courts, we are focusing on running, HIIT workouts, and getting stronger. It isn’t always easy to get in the workout but having a team to support me and hold me accountable to try to be active every day has been motivating and fun as we share different workouts with each other!


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"Looking for creative ways to keep practicing has been entertaining and a fun way to work on skills I never knew I had!"

Ty Stiller playing volleyball

Keeping volleyball skills up without a net has not been easy either. If you look online, there are videos on all of the crazy ways that people are keeping up volleyball skills by playing against walls, plywood boards, over fences, doing speed drills. While I have been experimenting with all of those, playing with the wall is not nearly as fun as playing on a court! However, looking for creative ways to keep practicing has been entertaining and a fun way to work on skills I never knew I had!

So far, the highlight of quarantine has been the TikToks that teams are making together. My team made a long-distance volleyball video with toilet paper, but gymnastics, water polo, and soccer all made videos too, which were a great way to make people feel more connected to their teammates. Plus it was more practice!

I have been using the time to keep my blood sugars in control. Having more time to get in consistent workouts has been great for my blood glucose levels, even though I lost the more consistent schedule that I had at school. I’m lucky because I can take my dogs out on long walks in my neighborhood, which has been a really nice way to break from school and get outside! I have been focusing on eating even better than I do at school to get into good habits about how and when I fuel my body, both to control my sugars and to help my athletic performance. I am ready to go back in the fall stronger and faster for the upcoming season.



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