Low Blood Sugar Without Low Spirits!

Shay Webb

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Oh no! Your blood sugar is low on campus. No fear! Your hypoglycemic compass is here!

Here are a few tips to help you dodge the drop:

  • Always have low snacks ready
    • Personally, I use pencil pouches that I use to store mints and peanut crackers. I can have the supplies I need and be discrete.
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  • Use the convenience stores and vending machines
    • No one is going to be able to tell you’re going in these places because you’re low, therefore this is a great way to grab something quick on days you may forget your supplies.
  • Recruit three good low ‘crusaders'
    • Depending on how comfortable you are, it is always beneficial to have a few classmates who can identify a low in an emergency. Not only will you be creating a safer environment for yourself, but you could also develop a bond with classmates that could turn into lifelong friendships

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Shay's boyfriend, one of her 'crusaders', keeps juice in his car!

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juice in the car

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  • Roommate Contracts
    • Hey! I just met you and this is crazy but here’s my blood sugar, call me hypoglycemic.... or whatever Carly Rae Jepsen said! It is crucial that your roommates know about your diabetes and what to do in case of an emergency. To make things easier, it is a good idea to educate your roommates on your diabetes and low blood sugar episodes before anything goes wrong. That way you are able to demonstrate to them how to use a glucagon (see my last tip!) or any other emergency measures that may be helpful for you. In addition, you’re able to add clauses in your roommate agreement such as ‘Do not eat low snacks'.
  • Go big or go home!
    • When shopping for lows in college, it is easy for students to look around and notice they have used up all their supplies. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to buy bulk  -- whether that be gigantic bags of candy or giant bottles of juice. This will be one less thing to spend money on as often and remember to continually buy.
  • Glucagon to the Rescue – Carry it With You
    • Glucagon is our handy dandy super hero that we always pray we never have to use. Rather than wearing a red cape, this super hero is usually housed in a firetruck red carry case, but what if I told you that glucagon came in some other drippy fits? Yes! There’s more. Introducing Baqsimi and Gvoke®! They’re glucagon except you now have a nasal option (Baqsimi) or an option that twins the epi-pen (Gvoke®).


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This educational information was made possible with support from Lilly Diabetes. 

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Shay Webb

Shay has had T1D for 14 years and is currently a graduate student at the University of North Carolina Wilmington pursuing her Master of Science in Clinical Research and Product Development with an anticipated graduation of May 2023. During her undergraduate years at UNCW, she served as the Founding Vice President of the campus’ College Diabetes Network Chapter, Dubs 4 Diabetes, in addition to serving as a research assistant focusing on students with diabetes transition to college.

She has served in various organization leadership positions and currently serves on the North Carolina Statewide Independent Living Council, a governor appointed council that promotes the philosophy of independent living to maximize opportunities for individuals with disabilities in addition to the integration and full inclusion of individuals with disabilities into mainstream society. Shay is also currently a NextGen Fellow with the College Diabetes Network. Go follow her on Instagram @shaydarnelle_t1d