When I turned 25 in early January 2020, I knew that in 365 short days I would no longer have the luxury of my parents’ health insurance. At that time,  my employment contract had been preemptively terminated and leaving me at that point unemployed for three months. I had loans, a car payment, and rent to pay. The possibility of having to navigate paying for health insurance on top of all that was an overwhelming thought. I had a few short months to find a viable path forward to maintain my… Read more
My name is Lissie, former Penn State CDN Chapter President and type one diabetic of seven years (wow, it’s been that long already?!). Diabetes hasn’t been the easiest ride but it can’t be all that bad when it gives you a reason not to have to share your sweet treats. Let’s face it though, the disease comes with some responsibilities that we didn’t ask for. When I was diagnosed with type one diabetes at 19, I knew that health insurance would be on my radar -- eventually. I had seven very… Read more
What a wild ride this year has been. It’s hard to believe we are already nearing the end. We all know what that means; it’s time to go shopping! No not the fun holiday shopping you’re thinking of. This shopping trip is for insurance. It’s scary; I get it. I’ve often felt like the mental strain of navigating the business side of diabetes was more overwhelming than actually keeping my numbers in control. Hopefully this blog can help calm some of the nerves and assist you during this year’s… Read more
In a nation where healthcare and drug costs have ballooned, little progress towards long-term political solutions have been made. Therefore, companies like Eli Lilly and Company are introducing financial assistance programs that aim to preserve and protect patient communities in the interim. With the pandemic further exposing the correlation between access to life-sustaining drugs, quality of life, and long-term health outcomes, a fortified Lilly Diabetes Solution Center is ready to assist… Read more
Emma: What encouraged Insulet to launch Advocacy for Access? Teresa Miller: One of the things that can be overwhelming for people with they are denied access to a pump (or other diabetes technology) is the advocacy process. We launched to make that process simpler and less intimidating. You can go to the site and depending upon whether you are advocating for yourself as an individual with diabetes, as a caregiver, supporter of someone with diabetes, or a healthcare… Read more
Editor's note: Want to learn more about insurance and T1D? Read our newest resource. Since I was diagnosed with T1D in 2002, I’ve moved five times across three states and switched insurance seven times. Needless to say, I know a thing or two about changing insurance and navigating new benefits. While managing T1D is hard enough without having to worry about the headaches that come with dealing with insurance, there are a few tips and tricks you should know about this process to make it as… Read more
Editor's note: Want to learn more about insurance and T1D? Read our newest resource. As soon as I got the call from College Diabetes Network telling me that I had been selected for the position of Program Assistant in April 2019, my first response was, of course, yes! I’m so excited!   After I hung up, my second thought was about insurance. I immediately Googled whether or not my parents’ insurance provider would still cover me when I would make the move from Baltimore to Boston. My heart sank… Read more
Editor's note: Want to learn more about insurance and T1D? Read our newest resource. Don’t get me wrong, turning 26 was exciting. I was starting med school full time and moving to New York City - but when you have a chronic health condition, turning 26 is also the dreaded age that you get kicked off of your parents’ health insurance plan. As I prepared for this transition to new insurance, my first step was to look into insurance through my school because I know a lot of undergrad programs… Read more
Editor's note: Want to learn more about insurance and T1D? Read our newest resource. For non-diabetics, a huge milestone on the path to adulthood is calling to make your own doctor’s appointment. For type 1 diabetics, that milestone is calling your health insurance company to battle for coverage of your life-saving care.  Being a T1D for my entire adult life, I have had the unfortunate experience of navigating student health insurance plans. While daunting at first, years of practice have… Read more
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