A huge thank you

Stacey Cunnington, CDN Communications and Operations Coordinator

In the 850 days since I started full-time at CDN doing communications and operations, I could tell you that I’ve gone through 283 Omnipods, 121 Dexcom sensors, and probably a million packages of fruit snacks. But instead, I’d rather tell you about the now hundreds of your blogs I’ve edited, your photos I’ve shared, and stories I’ve gotten to showcase to our network. As I move on to my next role at a healthcare advertising agency, I will forever (no, seriously) carry your stories with me. 

I was able to read your blogs on nearly every topic related to T1D, from Chapter events, to your study abroad experiences that span the globe, and your triumphs like running marathons, spending a semester on a boat in the middle of the ocean, and finding people who support you every day.

However, you also wrote blogs about your struggles in college. You weren’t afraid to open up about how T1D affects your mental health, how you overcame burnout, and even how tough it was to be a CDN Chapter leader at times. You shared your stories to make sure someone else would feel less alone and more supported, and for that, I am so grateful.

You’ve sent me picture after picture of your Chapter members participating in local walks to raise money, volunteering at Children’s hospitals, and making care packages for people newly diagnosed with T1D. Just as important were your pictures of you and your Chapter members grabbing dinner together, going bowling, or celebrating eachother’s diaversaries. Some of my favorite stories have been the ones where, for example, you’d run out of insulin at 2 am, and a fellow Chapter member would come to your rescue without a second thought. The world could learn a thing about kindness from all of you.

All of this is to say I am so grateful to have been able to share your stories with our network and I hope you continue to share them. They truly have made an impact on others. 

CDN is on the cusp of some amazing things; I really believe CDN REACH™ will make your lives on campus much easier. I can’t wait to see where 2020 leads for the organization, and I look forward to being a friend of CDN as they continue to change the lives of students with T1D.