Emily Ike

Emily Ike
Campus and Clinical Outreach Coordinator

Emily graduated from Hampshire College in 2010 with a focus in gender studies and sexuality education. After graduation, Emily worked in programming with non-profit organizations such as the Girl Scouts and the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States. She also spent time working as a nanny for a child with Type 1 diabetes, which was her first introduction to the many challenges that young people face managing their disease. In 2012, Emily went on to pursue her Master of Science in Community Health Education at Teachers College-Columbia University. 

After completing her graduate work, Emily worked in the college health field, helping schools to implement an online health and wellness program for their students. She joined the CDN team as the Program Director in December of 2014, and is currently at Tufts University studying Occupational Health.

What she likes to do: Go for walks with my dog. Collage. Watch old episodes of the Twilight Zone.