Dan Browne (he/him)

Dan Browne
IT Consultant

Dan was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 10 years old. He started a CDN chapter on his college campus at the University of Mary Washington in 2013, and interned with CDN after graduation before joining the New York Stem Cell Foundation as a Research Associate studying beta-cell replacement therapies for diabetes. He returned to the CDN team as Program Coordinator in 2017 and is thrilled to work with all of the inspiring CDN students across the country.

Age Diagnosed: 10

What he likes to do: Hike, Cook, Run, Play, Travel

Favorite thing about diabetes: I love the discipline, strength, and people that diabetes has brought to my life.

Least favorite thing about diabetes: The depression and the anxiety that comes with managing a chronic disease.

Biggest T1D struggle while in college: Paying attention to my health amidst 1,000,000 distractions.