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Moving from home to college can be tough on students with diabetes, as well as their families. It's important for everyone involved in this transition - health care providers, parents, and students - to prepare, and to make sure that everyone is on the same page. CDN has created multiple resources for all of these individuals to help ease this transition.

  Resources for Students and Parents

  Hosting an Off to College Event

Resources for Students & Parents

We know that moving from home to college can be overwhelming for students with diabetes, as well as their families. CDN has compiled booklets with information for students and parents to help make that transition a little easier. Check out a preview of the Student Booklet and the Parent Booklet. If you want to request your own copies, click here!



Organizing an Off to College Event: A How to Guide

Currently, some local clinics and organizations host "Going off to College" or "Transitioning" events, where they bring high school students with diabetes and their families together to share information and answer questions. These events are important resources in this process. CDN was granted funding through the Lilly Grant Office to compile Organizing an Off to College Event: A How to Guide.

This Guide includes:

  • Information on how to organize an Off to College Event on a budget
  • Tips on where to find funding for an Off to College Event
  • Handouts for attendees
  • Topics to cover, and important points to cover within each topic
  • Template Budgets

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