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As a campus health provider, you’re dealing with different students all the time. While it’s probably tough to keep track of them all, it’s important to know who the students with diabetes are on your campus, and how you can help them. 

  • Young adults with diabetes were shown to have the worst prognosis for adherence and glycemic control of any other demographic with diabetes according to data released by the T1D Exchange. 
  • 71% of college students report having difficulty managing their diabetes while at school.
  • Fewer than 1 in 20 young adults with diabetes achieve target A1c levels.  

  What we can offer your students

  Get the word out!

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What we can offer your students

CDN Chapters

Young adults with diabetes can have the best clinical care and the latest gadgets, but it can all mean nothing without motivation and support. CDN’s model is effective because it is built upon peer support and facilitating the creation of networks to provide it. CDN staff can work directly with your patients to develop a support system on their college campus. 

Check this list to find out if there are any chapters near you.

Student Rights and Advocacy

Check out our Know Your Rights Webinar we did in collaboration with the ADA and tell your students about it. It is important for students to be aware of how to advocate for themselves on campus, and the resources available to them on campus.

Preparing for College

We know that for some, preparing for college is the hardest part. Send your students (and their parents) to our Preparing to Leave and Parents & Family pages, where they can access information and resources specific to the transition including our Preparing to Move Out - A Timeline.



Get the word out! 

Let your students know about CDN and all it has to offer by having our informational brochures available to your students. You can also find the electronic version of our brochure in the resources below.



Become a faculty advisor to your campus CDN chapter!

Peer support is what works – but your help is needed to support the student officers. Contact us to find out if there is a CDN chapter on your campus that you can be a part of.


Check out the following resources to for even more information and support:

Hear Our Story

Point of view

“From years of experience, it is clear that the success of CDN and its campus groups lies in the fact that it is peer based. It has always been frustrating to sit down with a diabetic student and see the walls go up, but when they are talking with another student, it’s completely different. CDN provides a way for campus providers to help students in a way that can actually have an impact.”
Dr. Alan Calhoun
Former Medical Director for University Health Services at UMass Amherst

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