So, diabetes sucks. Sometimes it sucks more than others. We all go through periods of just being done with it. Instead of lecturing you, we figured we'd give you something completely unrelated to look at and give your brain a break.

There's some resources at the bottom of this page for those that want to read more in the way of advice. Burnout varies from person to person. If you're feeling really down, we recommend talking to a professional about it. Most campuses have counseling services - which are a good place to start.

Watch our Facebook Live T1D and Mental Health Video - our student and professional panelists cover topics including T1D and depression, anxiety, ADHD, and eating disorders.


Most of these pictures and videos were submitted by our students. Do you have a funny video/picture/GIF/etc. that we should put on the burnout page? Send it our way!







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