The College Search and Decision Process: Emma Gives Us Her Updates

Emma Fleet, Boston College '21

Editor’s note: Emma was a CDN Intern last summer and has been blogging about her experiences with the college search and application process with T1D! Check out her previous blog on Touring Colleges with T1D in Mind

Hi everyone! My name is Emma, I’ve had T1D since I was three, and I am a recent high school graduate. Last summer, I spent the summer interning with CDN and have been blogging about my journey through the college process. Decision day was May 1st, which means I have big news. This fall, I will be attending Boston College!

There was no single factor that convinced me to commit to BC. Everything just fell into place and I knew that it was the school I was meant to attend. I have lived in the Boston area almost my entire life and at the start of my college search, I was dead set on going far away for school. However, when decision time came around, I had realized that staying closer to home was the best decision for me. I fell in love with the campus itself and could easily see myself living there for four years. Academically, BC offered the type of education I wanted in college. I am an English major, as well as pre-med. Beyond that, I wanted to be able to take classes in every field possible. BC offered that to me.

After deciding on BC, I had to start planning to move in. I’ll be honest, preparing to go to college with diabetes is a lot of work. In the last few weeks, I have been in the process of registering with the Disability Services Office. I have had relatively few issues, but there was many components to registration. It really put my skills as a self-advocate to the test. Other than registering for accommodations, there were many smaller issues that I had to work out. For example, I had to consider how I would get my insulin and pump supplies at school. Because I live fairly close to BC, I chose to continue having my medical supplies sent to my home pharmacy and my house. Like almost everything with diabetes, planning to move in to college has involved thinking ahead and making choices based on what works best for me and my diabetes.

Thanks to CDN and a few other diabetes connections, I have had people available to help me in this process. I am so grateful for the guidance that they have given me. My biggest advice to anyone who is starting college is to look for people who understand what it is like to be a college freshman with diabetes. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. My transition to college has been going extremely well because I had CDN and Boston College supporting me every step of the way.


Emma will be attending Boston College in the fall of 2018 and currently lives near Boston, MA. She was a CDN summer intern as well as a member of the American Diabetes Association Youth Leaders. Emma plans on attending medical school in the future and would love to study abroad in London or Rome.