The College Diabetes Network Announces Critical New Resource Related to Health Insurance for Young Adults

The College Diabetes Network
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The College Diabetes Network (CDN) has just released its newest resource for young adults - Insurance 101. This resource and corresponding website provide critical information for young adults living with type one diabetes (T1D) as they navigate the often confusing process of choosing a health insurance plan. It was created in partnership with the NDVLC (National Diabetes Volunteer Leadership Council).

T1D is an incurable chronic illness that requires constant daily management and is often diagnosed in childhood or during teen years. Due to the complexity of the disease, picking a health insurance plan that will cover all necessary supplies at a reasonable cost is of utmost importance. Young adults often feel overwhelmed by the number of choices between private insurance, public partnerships, and school-sponsored plans. 

Insurance 101 is a starting point for young adults to learn basic insurance terminology and key considerations when choosing a plan. This resource also directs young adults to expert resources from organizations such as the Affordable Insulin Project, American Diabetes Association, Advocacy for Access, Beyond Type 1, JDRF, National Diabetes Volunteer Leadership Council, and Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition. CDN and NDVLC are eager to build upon this website and will be adding additional features, including training and interactive elements, in the future.

“I am thrilled that we are able to provide this resource to all young adults living with T1D” said Christina Roth, CEO & Founder of the College Diabetes Network. “This information can be life saving as a young adult searches for ways to affordably access the medications, technologies, and care that they require to continue to live healthy productive lives”. 

“Health insurance that doesn’t properly cover your diabetes is like having an umbrella with a hole in it in the rain. It does you no good whatsoever,” said NDVLC Vice President Stewart Perry. “We’re proud to collaborate with CDN on this important platform to help young people with diabetes understand how to choose the right plan, navigate their benefits and advocate for affordable care they need and deserve.”

The creation of these resources was made possible through financial support provided by Sanofi and PhRMA.


About CDN

The College Diabetes Network (CDN), a non-profit organization headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, is the only organization that speaks to, and for, the young adult population with diabetes.  Our mission is singularly focused on providing these young adults with the peer connections they value, and expert resources they need to successfully manage the challenging transition to independence at college and beyond.

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