Chapter Spotlight: Miami University, Ohio


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Featuring: Miami University in Oxford, Ohio!

Is your Chapter working on any special projects or events this semester? 
This semester, our Chapter was invited to present at an Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity conference, as this fraternity chose diabetes as their philanthropy for the year. Our Chapter also recently spent the day in downtown Cincinnati riding a Ferris wheel, making our own tacos and exploring a park overlooking the Ohio River. Currently, we are planning to host a senior send off event for all of our graduating members. We will be sending seniors off with fun superlatives that our members are voting on, such as most likely to travel the world and best card player.

What does a typical CDN Chapter meeting look like for your Chapter?
Our meetings look like a group of friends that come together to make memories, share about our lives and take some insulin together when food is involved. We always share our highs and lows of the week! Miami's CDN Chapter feels a lot like a family and strives to make all members feel supported.  

How often does your CDN Chapter meet?
Our chapter meets around 2-3 times a month but people will get together outside of official meeting times.

What has been the most rewarding part of being involved in your CDN Chapter?
The most rewarding part has been the people I have met and the relationships I have built. I've met my dearest friends through my CDN Chapter.

What does CDN mean to you and your Chapter?
CDN brings T1Ds at Miami University support, understanding and meaningful friendships. Our organization is there for us to rant about diabetes, celebrate successes, and support each others' lives outside of diabetes.

What has been your fondest memory with your CDN Chapter?
My Chapter and I were just talking about our favorite memories! I think my favorite memory was one day after a meeting, 8 of us piled into a car and went for ice cream at a local ice cream shop and then drove to a park and watched the sunset! We also had a fun Halloween Party and Winter PJ party!


What advice do you have for students looking to start or get involved in a CDN Chapter on their campus?
CDN is what you make of it. A CDN Chapter can be a great place to turn to if you have questions about accommodations, or need to borrow some strips or CGM's until your next order comes in. Or, a CDN Chapter can be a place where you meet your closest friends and where you go for the good times and the bad. Both are perfectly fine options, but definitely know that CDN can be a great support system and way to meet friends if you choose!

If someone wants to get involved in your Chapter, what is the best way to do so?
Message us on Instagram (@miamiuniversity_cdn) or email executive team members: Hannah Caudill (, Evan Bowman ( ) or Anna Burke ( ).