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Join us as we work to reach every campus and every student in need.


The College Diabetes Network (CDN) recognizes the visible and invisible barriers faced by students with diabetes on campus, and the threat these barriers pose to their mental and physical health. For 10 years, CDN has equipped these young adults with peer support and expert resources to help them advocate for their needs and their health.

The CDN REACH™ initiative works directly with campus professionals to support this at-risk student population more holistically and provide a valuable framework for addressing other chronic and invisible diseases. CDN REACH™ harnesses a coalition of leading organizations across the diabetes and higher education space for a multi-year initiative to:

  • Build consensus to better support student health and well-being
  • Develop resources specifically designed for campus professionals
  • Communicate best-practice guidelines and standard protocols
  • Collaborate on university-specific initiatives and programs

To launch this initiative, CDN is releasing three campus resources developed in conjunction with our Campus Advisory Committee. All of our CDN resources are available free of charge.

CDN is prioritizing the health and safety of students on or off campus. Our CDN REACH™ efforts continue to focus on outreach to campuses to educate through our resources and advocate for students needs all while monitoring the Coronavirus pandemic.

For additional information:
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CDN REACH™ Info Sheet 
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Help us reach every campus and every student in need.

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CDN REACH™ Coalition Partners
Our supporting partners are leaders in the higher education and diabetes space. 

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CDN Corporate Sponsors


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A special thank you to our Corporate Sponsors for supporting CDN REACH™