CDN Grant - Ball State University

Editor’s Note: CDN was able to provide $5,000 in grants to 16 CDN Chapters for the 2016-2017 school year. The funding for these grants was provided by Lilly Diabetes

As our Chapter looked to expand our on-campus reach and improve our presence this academic year, we hosted an event on World Diabetes Day to educate our campus about diabetes, and dispel the particular myth that people with diabetes cannot have sugar. We did this by giving away candy, cookies, and bananas, along with information, to students in one of the busiest dining halls on campus during the lunch hours. We also had a 64 ounce jar of M&M’s that we asked people to guess the carbohydrates in, and educated them on how people with diabetes have to count every carb they eat. This also functioned as a contest, so the three individuals that guessed the closest, received a gift card. Then, in the evening, we hosted a Zumba event! Overall, we reached at least 150 students on our campus, and reached more than 8,000 through our Facebook campaign in the month leading up to the event. Many students were surprised to know many of the facts we shared about diabetes, and were very supportive of our efforts! 

Receiving the grant was helpful in essentially every part of the event, from the food to the informational cards, the table set-up, and the Facebook campaign. We were able to use a portion of the funds to advertise for the event through social media, which is where we know many of our peers can be reached best. We were able to print very high-quality cards to hand out when people had questions, and the candy, food, and gift cards for the contest we had available were what really peaked our peers’ interest. In total, the grant made every part of the event possible, and truly made it a significant success!