Catching up with Kendall & Curtis: Senior Year & Off to College!

Curtis and Kendall Nether, father/son duo




Kendall is going to college! We caught up with Kendall and Curtis about Kendall's senior year and how they're preparing for Kendall to head off to college in the fall.








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Student questions: Kendall

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Where will you be attending school next year?

Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles CA

Is there a CDN Chapter on that campus?

Unfortunately, not at LMU. However, CDN Chapters are available at USC and Cal State, LA.  

Will you be joining the Chapter/ maybe even starting a Chapter?

Yes to joining, but starting a Chapter at LMU might be a bit much for freshman year with so many changes in my life. I definitely will consider it after my freshman year. The organization is so vitally important and I think it is important for all T1D to maintain a sense of community.

How has senior year been different than junior year?

Senior year is definitely more fun. I only have 4 classes and I’m done with school by noon. I am driving now so I have a lot more independence this year versus last. My additional time allows me to be more involved with JDRF and other community-based organizations. I love it!

How is basketball going?

The season was ok, unfortunately I was slowed a lot due to injuries. My hand was broken when someone hit my car at the end of the season.  I missed two college tryouts and will miss my final AAU season. Fortunately, I had other academic offers and some academic scholarships. I have met with numerous college coaches but decided to redshirt my freshman year at LMU.


How are you starting to prepare for the transition to college?

Finishing my senior year strong.  I will graduate with an Advanced Honors diploma and 4.2 GPA. I also applied for a TLC program which will allow me to check into school two weeks early in order to become acclimated to my new surroundings.

Will your dad be following your Dexcom while you at college?

Yes, they will monitor at least for the time being. WIth so many changes, I want to be safe.


Have you discussed how you’ll stay in contact about diabetes?

Somewhat, we will text if there are major concerns and talk to go over adjustments and plan doctor visits.


What are your summer plans?

Train, work a little and we will do some family traveling.

Is there anything you’re nervous about for when you go to college?

Being on my own, being responsible for everything, all of the changes.


What are you most excited about?


What has been the biggest struggle of senior year?

The scholarship thing and playing at the next level. I really want to go to a great academic school and play basketball.  What has been the biggest success? Being admitted to 12 great universities and having the opportunity to choose.

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Parent questions - Curtis

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What are your overall feelings on Kendall going off to school?

Overall, we are all very excited for Kendall.   We have prepared for this moment for years and I cannot believe it is finally here.  Yes, I am a little nervous, but it is time for him to go to the next step. I think my feelings are very consistent with any other parent planning to send their child to college this fall.  I will miss him a lot but I am so very proud he has the courage to take on this new life adventure.


How are you starting to prepare for when he leaves?

We talk more about the things that he will be responsible for when he is away, food, insulin, site management, training, grades, etc.  Safety is another conversation that we have often. He goes out more on his own now, meeting friends, planning training and volunteer activities. He also has a debit card that he has to manage for his monthly incidentals.


How are you handling helping him manage his T1D? Are you transferring most responsibility to him?

We don’t get up during the night if alarms go off, he has to handle highs and lows without us. While we see the numbers on the Dexcom, we wait to respond to anything, we want to see how he handles it all. He has been pretty good at managing through all of it. He doesn’t order supplies, but he is handling changing his sites on schedule and is aware of his supplies and when they are low.


Will you be following his Dexcom while he is at college? Have you discussed how you’ll stay in contact about diabetes?

Yes, we will follow as long as we can. Likely we will watch more in the beginning to see how he handles all of the changes. The most important thing for us, is for Kendall to know that we are here if he needs us. It’s an easy drive that we plan to make in the beginning.


Is there anything you’re nervous for when Kendall goes to college? What are you most excited for?   

I have concerns in reference to his overall safety as well as how well he will manage his diabetes when he is on his own. I wonder if he will find friends and develop a support network that does not judge but support him and, in all honesty, bug him about checking and maintaining a healthy blood sugar. I also hope he is able to align with the right peer group that will focus on academic excellence and continue to support the T1D community.

My concerns are tempered with excitement. It’s really a nice feeling to know that in spite of all the challenges and blood sugar fluctuations you have the credentials to be accepted at numerous schools. Only a few years ago I dreaded this day coming. Now that it is here, I am so excited for Kendall. He has taken on the day to day management of his T1D and yes, his mother and I are actually getting some sleep.   It’s a strange feeling for a parent when the time arrives for their child to leave home. However, it’s very exciting to watch him prepare for his next chapter.


What has been the biggest struggle of senior year? What has been the biggest success?

Senior year was actually a breeze compared to the other 3 years. Kendall had already taken his ACT /SAT and his GPA was high enough for him to apply to schools of his choice. We spent a lot of time visiting different schools to determine which schools would best satisfy Kendall’s professional, athletic and healthcare needs. We spent a lot of time this year on the road speaking with college coaches and college recruiters.  Kendall is in school only about 3 hours per day. The biggest transition or success this year is Kendall assuming the bulk of his control of managing his T1D. This is attributed to better insulin and use of his pump and CGM.

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