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Justin Morris lives in Sydney, Australia. He is a cyclist, a student at Marquarie University, a psychology/education major and does it all while living with Type 1 diabetes. Justin is currently a member of Team Type1, a global sports organization changing the lives of people with diabetes around the world through racing, groundbreaking research, international outreach, and philanthropic initiatives in developing countries. Justin was diagnosed 16 years ago at the age of 10 and describes the diagnosis as being both shocking and disappointing since he had dreams of one day becoming a jet fighter pilot. Since his diagnosis, he has changed his perspective from feeling held back to feeling challenged. He ascribes his wonderful, fulfilling life to managing his diabetes. We thought that CDN students would be interested in hearing about Justin’s experience with diabetes, college life, and being a member of Team Type1.How do you incorporate exercise into your diabetes routine in college?Every day I would ride my bike to university. This always started the day in a positive for me. Whilst at classes I would always make sure food was never too far away and I always carry snacks. Checking my blood sugar levels while at uni was...
As you’ve probably noticed (or not) the CDN blog has been lacking, but we’re back! Happy 2012! Our very own Christina Roth will be kicking it off with a post about her recent experience at the NCD Child Conference in Oakland, CA.I had never thought of Type 1 diabetes as part of this large international movement encompassing other conditions such as fetal alcohol syndrome, asthma, even the need for newborn screening. I had been so focused on “my diabetes’’, that day to day grind that seems to always be throwing something new at you, and can make you want to start hitting your head against a wall at the end of the day….(ya you know the one!), that I hadn’t seen the full scope of what diabetes is a part of.But here I was, flown all the way to California (thank you to the amazing folks at the Public Health Institute and our partners at CLAN (Caring and Living as Neighbors)), for this conference on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in children. I was a bit nervous that my focus on college students might not quite fit in, but excited either way. I had done my homework, I knew that there had been...


Welcome to the new College Diabetes Network (CDN) blog! We hope that you will enjoy coming here to this site to read blog posts from current college students with diabetes, and to read guest blog posts from bloggers in the Diabetes Online Community about their thoughts on college and diabetes.  So, welcome to the blog! If you have any questions, please email us at or and we will answer your question as soon as we can!Do you have diabetes, and are you in college? Do you want to get involved and start a CDN chapter on your college campus? Let us know! Visit the College Diabetes Network website and see everything that CDN has to offer, including discussion boards and other resources to help you survive your college years, or young adult years if you are not in college but in that “in between” age stage. We are right there with you, and we can understand what you are going through, plus help you with some support and resources along the way. Nobody said that life with diabetes is ever going to be easy, but you certainly don’t have to go through life with diabetes alone!If you are interested...


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