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April 18, 2019Chapters
Coming to college in August after having only being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) a year prior was frightening, and I felt a sense of being alone. I longed for a sense of togetherness and to know that no, I am not alone. I resonated with CDN’s motto “on your own, but not alone,” and decided… Read more
April 2, 2019CDN News
    For Immediate Release Sarah Twomey The College Diabetes Network (857) 415-3733 Boston, MA, April 5th, 2019 -- The College Diabetes Network (CDN) is excited to announce that they will be holding their first Leadership Summit. CDN will gather their… Read more
April 1, 2019Conference Recaps
The summer before my first semester of college, I came across the College Diabetes Network by chance. I knew right then and there I had to get involved with them. I felt as if nobody on campus really knew what type one diabetes (T1D) was and my campus had no resources for college students who have… Read more
March 27, 2019Mental Health
When insulin dependent diabetics have an eating disorder, it can be more fatal and detrimental than for those who do not have diabetes. This is not to diminish others’ experiences with eating disorders, but it is especially true when considering eating disorders focusing on the use of insulin or… Read more
March 20, 2019Relationships
"So, I met this guy in my economics class. He is cute and has dusty blonde hair. One time he asked me to study with him for our midterm exam and I think we had a lot of chemistry! I am picking up signs that he is into me and I am into him. The only thing is, he told me he has diabetes and I don't… Read more
March 18, 2019Conference Recaps, CDN News, Advocacy and Student Rights
This past week, I had the distinct pleasure of attending “The State of Diabetes” - a meeting for congressional members on Capitol Hill. While it does sound like “The State of the Union” address, I was not appointed the “designated survivor” (lucky for you). Rather, this meeting of the minds allowed… Read more
March 7, 2019Retreat recaps, Chapter Grants
Editor's note: Kacey led the charge in planning and hosting the first CDN annual retreat in Texas: a weekend of learning, networking, and gaining leadership skills. Read on for the process of planning and everything that happened at the retreat! Community is such a strong thing that empowers… Read more
March 6, 2019CDN News
College Diabetes Network CEO and Founder to speak on Congressional panel   Washington, D.C., March 11, 2019 -- The College Diabetes Network (CDN) is excited to announce that their CEO & founder, Christina Roth, will be a featured panelist on the State of Diabetes Congressional Panel, which… Read more