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September 6, 2018Exercise, Health
ELIZABETH CONSIDINE, GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY '20 Exercise and sports are my favorite way to get outside of my comfort zone. With type 1 diabetes (T1D), there are more challenges than just the number of miles or the target pace. Participating in high school sports and now in triathlon at the… Read more
September 5, 2018Conference Recaps
What do you want to do with your life after college? Great question. Ever since I started nursing school, I’ve been asking myself the same thing over and over again. What type of nurse do I want to be? A clinical nurse? An educator? Is there a specialty that resonates with me? During my first… Read more
September 4, 2018CDN News
Editor's note: we are sad to say "see you later" to our summer interns, Abbey and Danielle, but we know they'll do incredible things! This summer, they worked on a brand new CDN Chapter handbook - we're excited for you to check out all of the great info in it!
September 1, 2018Conference Recaps
Last month I had the honor of attending the 2018 American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) Conference in Baltimore, MD. Prior to attending the conference I was busy using the conference app and studying the schedule to be sure I could attend as many sessions as possible. The main themes… Read more
August 29, 2018Conference Recaps
As a person living with T1D for 12 years, I have often considered going into the field of diabetes education. As I go into my senior year of nursing school at the University of Texas, I am thinking even more about my future career and how I am going to reach my professional goals. This August, I… Read more
August 29, 2018Conference Recaps
Imagine a place where every direction you looked and every room that you entered was all about living with diabetes. A place where you get to see first-hand how far science has come with managing this disease, and where you are able to get an inside scoop of what’s in store for the near future.… Read more
August 27, 2018Greek Life
Greek life was something I had considered joining prior to college. Both my mom and dad were involved with Greek organizations in college and they always raved about the experiences they had, their friends they made, and how much fun it was. However, when I got to school freshman year, I had… Read more
August 27, 2018Exercise
I have learned many things from having type 1 diabetes (T1D) and playing college basketball. Don’t let T1D stop you from achieving your goals, but also be smart enough to modify your goals as you grow. As a child I had the goal of being a college athlete, and that goal did not change when I… Read more