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January 7, 2019Conference Recaps, Mental Health
There is nothing predictable about living life with diabetes. In fact, the only consistent thing about diabetes, is its inconsistency. Although it’s extremely frustrating to accept, it was inspiration for my wanting to found a Chapter of CDN at the University of Dayton. I thought that with support… Read more
December 18, 2018Conference Recaps, Mental Health
CDN began as something that I started at my university to become more involved on campus. I have never been one to share my diabetes story with anyone, and frankly, most of my friends didn’t even know I had it. But once I started the club and began to get so much positive feedback and interest, I… Read more
December 3, 2018Mental Health, T1D for Women, Technology
On August 15, 2016 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D). In the preceding three weeks I had lost 24 pounds, become fatigued, developed blurry vision, and somehow more frighteningly than anything else... the skin on my palms was peeling as though from a sunburn. At that time I was completely… Read more
November 29, 2018CDN News
When I found CDN as an undergraduate student, I was still a Chemistry Pre-Med student at Ohio University. By that time, I had been involved in the diabetes space in my local community, but I hadn’t really found my voice yet. As we had our introductory call with Jo, the CDN Program director at the… Read more
November 28, 2018Exercise
In early March, as I sat in Pathophysiology class, I got the email with the subject: “You’re now invited to the 43rd Marine Corps Marathon”. It was a pretty daunting email to open. As I whispered “Look!” to my friend in class, I realized that it was time for me to go after something that I had been… Read more
November 26, 2018Student Advice Column, Relationships, Off to College
Q: How do you bring up the fact that you have diabetes around peers and friends in college?   Brandon: It is important that most people you are regularly around know that you have diabetes, and know what to do in emergency situations; however, I don’t believe that there is any specific way to… Read more
November 15, 2018Parents, Greek Life
So your child wants to get involved in Greek life… While you may be freaking out on the inside, try to keep calm on the outside. Don’t immediately say no, and don’t start listing all of the terrible things that might happen to them. Here are a couple main points you can use to help guide your… Read more
November 14, 2018College Diabetes Week
Editor's note: this is a blog reposted from our friend Molly's blog, Hugging the Cactus. Check it out! . . .  This blog post is a response to a prompt provided by my friends at the College Diabetes Network, who are celebrating College Diabetes Week from November 12-16. Even though I’m no longer… Read more