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May 25, 2018CDN News
Tiffany Armstrong, CDN Chief Development Officer Hi, everyone! I'm thrilled to join the CDN team as Chief Development Officer. I'm eager to partner with staff, Board of Directors and all of you to ensure CDN can support every young adult in the country with type 1 diabetes as they transition to… Read more
May 25, 2018CDN News
A few months ago I was speaking at a presentation  and was introduced as “Emily Ike, recently diagnosed with type 3 diabetes.” I laughed at this, but can remember that not too long ago I could have made the same mistake. When I started at CDN, I barely knew anything about diabetes. For the past… Read more
May 14, 2018Partners
Editor’s note: The CDN Chapters at the University of Washington and Seattle University teamed up with the Northwest Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) to ensure that every college student in the Seattle T1D community has access to a support network. Andy, co-founder of the… Read more
May 11, 2018Health, Student Advice Column
Question: Help!!! I was just diagnosed, and my prom is a week away!!! I’ve lost so much weight any don’t think I’ll fit into my dress anymore. What should I do? Answers: Maddy: Being diagnosed with diabetes is a hard transition for anyone no matter their age, but I think one of the most… Read more
May 4, 2018
Samira Hemraj, Florida Gulf Coast University Hello everyone! My name is Samira Hemraj and I am a freshman at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) where I live on campus and have a meal plan membership. I currently take insulin with a pen and monitor my blood sugars at a minimum of five times a day… Read more
May 2, 2018Alumni
Ashley Conley Boston University School of Medicine, Master of Science in Medical Science, May 2019 Colby College, BS in Neurobiology & Economics-Mathematics, 2017 Tell us a little about your diabetes story. When were you diagnosed? What was it like if you remember? My family and I were in… Read more
April 22, 2018Student Advice Column
STUDENT ADVICE COLUMNISTS ABBEY AND CASEY Question 12: I’m starting college in the fall and I’m so nervous for graduation and then starting college. Do you know of a good way to hide your pump under your dress that isn’t uncomfortable? What do I do if my roommate is weird about me having diabetes… Read more
April 12, 2018Mental Health
STUDENT ADVICE COLUMNIST MADDY Question: How can I help my friend who has depression and diabetes? Answer - Maddy: Rates of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are higher in T1Ds compared to the rest of the population, so your loved one is absolutely not alone. Being a teenager… Read more