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September 3, 2020Technology
I’m sitting on a small stool at my desk in my home office (my bedroom), wearing a dressy top and sweatpants, anxiously waiting for my Zoom call to start. My palms are sweaty, and I’ve nervously checked my Dexcom readings three times in the last five minutes. Professionally, I have worked with these… Read more
September 2, 2020Off to College, Alumni
Tell us a little about your diabetes story. When were you diagnosed? What was it like if you remember? I was diagnosed just three months after my younger brother, Mark, 42 years ago way back in 1978. With no technology or standardized devices, on top of the assumption that most juvenile diabetes… Read more
August 19, 2020Technology, Health
It wasn’t until July 2013 – from inside of an emergency room – that I first heard of Type 1 diabetes (T1D). Being the first with the disease in my family, we did not understand what challenges we were beginning to face. It was not just about trying to keep your blood sugar down from hyperglycemia,… Read more
August 19, 2020Advocacy and Student Rights
I spent a good part of my childhood embarrassed of who I was. I would check my blood sugar under the table and hide my pump sites, trying to dismiss the notion that I had diabetes. I was mortified by any sign that I wasn't normal and I tried to hide it from everyone, even the people closest to me… Read more
August 17, 2020
We caught up with Kendall about his first year of college and his experience completing his freshman year during a pandemic. We've been following Kendall since his freshman year of high school all the way up through his first year of college - check out the rest of our blog series here: Freshman… Read more
August 4, 2020Advocacy and Student Rights
I’m a massive reader, and I’m going to school for writing, so words are pretty important to me. They’re how I process my emotions and the world. I also tend to find a lot of power in labels. If I can describe something, I can understand it. When part of my identity diverges from what’s considered “… Read more