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July 28, 2020Health
Glucagon Series Sponsored by Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc. & Lilly Diabetes. Blog #2 - tackling the burden of self-advocacy and education. Disclaimer: This blog is part of a series of blogs written by CDN students, alumni, and parents. CDN is committed to ensuring that young adults have the… Read more
July 27, 2020Chapters, Starting a Chapter
Editor's Note: Learn how to start a CDN Chapter at your school here. Going into quarantine, the CDN Chapter at my school wasn’t exactly a full Chapter yet. We were just a small group of students that had first connected in January, but we were all determined to fill the same need at our university… Read more
July 17, 2020Technology
After two hospitalizations, an out of control A1c, and 15 years of pumping, I knew I needed a change. My endocrinologist and I had discussed my options with my current pump and CGM. Although she encouraged me to stick with it, I knew I was burnt out. I decided to go back to the beginning of my… Read more
July 17, 2020Alumni
As we all know, it’s been a strange year so far. COVID-19 has hit the United States hard, and Americans with chronic illnesses and those of an advanced age have faced the brunt of the pandemic’s wrath. For me, plans were disrupted and altered completely. I was supposed to spend the last couple… Read more
July 7, 2020Exercise
While spring isn’t the main season for volleyball, I was incredibly excited for it. I broke my arm mid-season in the fall and could not wait to get back out on the court when our spring season was cancelled two days before our first tournament. There is not much else to say about that except for it… Read more
July 6, 2020Exercise
Thursday March 12th, started off as normal spring break training day. We went on the water and had a solid practice followed by a surprise by the coaches: a water gun fight. After practice we were running around splashing each other with our water guns and jumping in the lake without a care in the… Read more
July 2, 2020Conference Recaps
Each year, CDN selects a group of young adult leaders as part of our NextGen program to attend conferences to network, represent CDN, and learn about the latest research and innovations in diabetes. This year, we had 9 NextGen leaders attend the American Diabetes Association 80th Scientific… Read more