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January 28, 2021Insurance, Alumni
Editor's note: Have more health insurance questions? Click here. My name is Lissie, former Penn State CDN Chapter President and type one diabetic of seven years (wow, it’s been that long already?!). Diabetes hasn’t been the easiest ride but it can’t be all that bad when it gives you a reason not… Read more
January 14, 2021Mental Health, Exercise, Alumni
Do you have a running list in your mind of everything you need to get done but cannot seem to make yourself do anything? Do you find yourself feeling like you are never actually leaving work/school because you now live there? Has your anxiety about living with diabetes as a college student… Read more
January 12, 2021CDN News
As people with diabetes ourselves, and advocates on behalf of the young adult community with diabetes, we are outraged by the current environment we live in - where profits are prioritized over lives. We believe that the most effective solutions for patients will only come through dialogue and… Read more
January 12, 2021CDN News
As an organization, CDN has always valued transparency and growth, but we have also existed within a historically privileged system - higher education - and we recognize that our demographics reflect that system. Ensuring young adults with diabetes are living a healthy life so they can pursue their… Read more
January 11, 2021CDN News
As many of you may already know, CDN celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2020 - 10 years of peer support for young adults living with diabetes! Over the last few months, due to both this milestone and the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have spent a lot of time reflecting on where CDN has been and where we… Read more
December 21, 2020Off to College, Chapters, Chapter Grants
My name is Christina, and I am the Director of Development and Social Media Chair for Dawgs for Diabetes, the CDN Chapter at The University of Georgia (UGA). I am a Senior at UGA, and I will graduate in May of 2021 with a degree in Nutritional Sciences. As a type 1 for six years, I am passionate… Read more
December 16, 2020Mental Health, Off to Work, Alumni
Graduate college: Check. Pass my NCLEX: Check. Accept my first job offer: Check. When I was going through the mental checklist of milestones I was expected to be meeting after graduating college, I forgot to include one of the most important things - diabetes. My main focus was making sure… Read more
December 7, 2020Technology, Partners
Medtronic has been releasing commercialized insulin pumps since 1983, but they’re still making innovations in 2020! They recently released their newest addition to the family – the MiniMed™ 770G system. This new insulin pump is able to work with the MiniMed™ MioTM Advance infusion set, which was… Read more