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February 26, 2016Partners
Hello! My name is Corinne Logan and I am 21 years old and a current junior at Fordham University in NYC. Since freshman year I’ve been working on my business Pumpstash, spandex shorts for women and girls with insulin pumps. After 2 years of research and trial runs, I officially launched the store (… Read more
February 25, 2016Advocacy and Student Rights, Campus Administration
If you’re reading this post, I can almost guarantee that sometime, somewhere, you’ve come into contact with someone who was misinformed to some degree about diabetes. I’ve learned to expect and accept this; after all, the media doesn’t do a good job of dispelling diabetes myths and outdated… Read more
February 24, 2016Health, Mental Health, Relationships
KRISTEN LEWIS, CDN ALUMNA The past year has been one of the most difficult of my life. Between car troubles, a stay in the ICU with DKA and my grandma's death I felt like I was drowning. The thing (or should I say person) that kept me afloat happened to be a boy. Someone with whom I shared my… Read more
February 9, 2016Study Abroad
Diabetes tends to be a source of background noise in my life. I live with it day to day, paying just enough attention to my blood sugars and insulin to keep me relatively healthy, without driving me completely insane. So, when I first decided I was going to go abroad, I didn’t think twice about… Read more
July 29, 2015Study Abroad
As I watch the sun set behind mountain islands, I look down at my freshly sun-kissed arms. For months they had been hidden in the library and formaldehyde scented halls of medical school. Now, the spot - where my IV was harbored for days in the PICU - is highlighted against my tanned skin. This… Read more
June 26, 2015Study Abroad
  Erik on a remote two day boat trip in Gambella, Ethiopia reporting on flooding Hi, my name is Erik Douds and I’m a former CDN Chapter Leader on a journey to fly the entire circumference of the world with Type 1 diabetes. Since 2013, I have spent 418 days outside of the United States. Type 1… Read more
March 14, 2015Technology
I will be the first one to tell you that I do not like certain kinds of change, so I’m not completely sure what I was thinking when I told my mom I wanted something new. Fingers crossed, I started the process. Besides a few summer pump vacations, I have been on the same pump for over 13 years. I… Read more
October 1, 2014Parents, Off to College, Preparing to leave
Editor's note: this blog was originally published in 2014. Did you know CDN is turning 10 this year? We are going to highlighting some our favorites blogs from the last ten years and raising money we can keep going strong for another 10 years. Please help us celebrate by donating $10 for 10 years… Read more