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October 20, 2020Technology, Health
Glucagon Series Sponsored by Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc. & Lilly Diabetes.  Blog 4: Alleviating Fears Associated with Hypos Disclaimer: This blog is part of a series of blogs written by CDN students, alumni, and parents. CDN is committed to ensuring that young adults have the information they… Read more
October 7, 2020Technology
Diabetes is never easy. It feels like that thing that’s constantly on your “to-do-list.” You can never seem to check it off; for some reason, it can’t be finished. One thing or another always seems to get in the way: you either get busy, tired…or forgetful from being busy and/or tired. It seems… Read more
October 6, 2020Campus Administration, Campus Health, CDN News
Editor’s note: We know the start of this semester has been different, to say the least. We want to give our community some insights on how higher ed is dealing with these strange times. Introducing our new blog series, “On Campus Connections” – we will be interviewing members of our Campus Advisory… Read more
October 5, 2020CDN News
Only in my wildest dreams did I imagine that when I first met Christina nearly a decade ago and was inspired by her vision for CDN, I would find myself working alongside her on the cusp of the organization’s 10th Anniversary. My name is Krystle Samai and I am thrilled to be joining the CDN team as… Read more
October 1, 2020Technology, Partners
In this new era of moving away from in-person medicine and transitioning to telehealth, when it comes to having diabetes and obtaining vital care, you may need some clarity on your options (pun intended). Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) have been a revolutionary advancement in diabetes health… Read more
September 24, 2020College Diabetes Week, Chapters
College Diabetes week is always an exciting time for the Rowan University CDN Chapter. Along with goals of educating our campus population and celebrating our diabetes, we love to fundraise! Our Chapter was so excited to find out that we were named the top fundraising team in CDN’s CDW 2019… Read more
September 21, 2020Chapters, Alumni
Hello! My name is Ashley Conley. I am 25 years old, a medical student at UQ-Ochsner Medical School, and a type 1 for over 23 years. In the photo with me is Nick Morriss, he is also 25 years old, a medical student at Duke University School of Medicine, and he has had T1D for 11 years. We were… Read more
September 17, 2020Technology, Off to College
Glucagon Series Sponsored by Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc. & Lilly Diabetes.  Prompt: Blog 3: Student/Caregiver Relationship: As new rescue options emerge, the trust between us will grow. How does the risk of severe hypoglycemia affect your relationship with your caregiver? Disclaimer: This… Read more