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May 18, 2017Partners
A match made in heaven- that’s all I could think about when I heard that JDRF and CDN (College Diabetes Network) would be forming an official partnership. Both have been pivotal in my maintenance of type 1 diabetes (T1D) and served as a constant support system. JDRF was the first supportive hand… Read more
April 26, 2017Study Abroad
Deanelle Thompson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill I had just received my acceptance letter to study abroad in Sevilla, Spain for the spring semester. I was excited (literally shedding tears of joy), especially since this would be my first time going to Europe. Although I was really… Read more
April 26, 2017Mental Health
Sabrina Bhandari, University of California-Riverside '19   It's dark. My body is submerged in a cold sweat, all of my muscles begin to tremble as I try to move, and finally what I consider the worst part, my chest feels awkwardly and unimaginably heavy, making it difficult to breathe. I’m on my… Read more
April 26, 2017
Editor’s note: Be sure to check out CDN's new Off to College booklets for parents and students, which covers using diabetes technology in college, and much more! Dexcom is a CDN Corporate Member. To learn more about Dexcom click here, and to learn more about Corporate Membership click here.  … Read more
April 24, 2017Study Abroad
I decided to study abroad the summer after my freshman year. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have made in college. Freshman year is an adjusting year—a year to figure out who you are and who you want to be. In my mind, I saw this as a perfect time to explore before I got too… Read more
April 19, 2017Study Abroad
In life there are always firsts. Sometimes those firsts can be scary. Your first steps, your first day of school, and your first time driving come to mind. As a person with type 1 diabetes (T1D), my life is defined by a few other “firsts.” My first time giving myself a shot, my first sleepover… Read more
April 18, 2017Study Abroad
The world is full of bustling cities, unique cultures, and delicious food. For many, deciding where to go might be the most difficult part of the trip. For those of us with type 1 diabetes (T1D), there are a few more things we have to consider when making the decision to study abroad. I chose to… Read more
April 17, 2017Off to College
When I woke up on my first day of college, I had this wonderful, idyllic picture of what the next few months were going to look like. I was going to have a 4.0, work part time, go to the gym every morning, and to top it all off, lower my A1C. Heck, I was even going to exfoliate on a regular basis.… Read more