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July 1, 2016Off to College, Preparing to leave, Parents, High School
CDN followed Kendall Nether, and his father Curtis, each year as Kendall moved through high school and prepared to head off to college.  What was it like when your son was diagnosed? Kendall was diagnosed on March 22, 2003, he was 18 months old. Today, this date is affectionately known as his… Read more
May 12, 2016Study Abroad, Supplies
Alexandra Hay has type 1 and is studying science and public health at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. “You could have a thyroid condition”, the doctor suggested as she felt my neck with both hands.  “Or, it could be diabetes”. I looked the other way as she pricked my finger; my blood… Read more
April 5, 2016Relationships
I used to be that girl; the girl who was embarrassed by her autoimmune disease. Well not exactly embarrassed, just not willing to open up about it, especially to people of the opposite sex. I was diagnosed with T1D just after my thirteenth birthday. I don’t know that there is a “good age” to be… Read more
March 21, 2016
My name is William Jennette, and I am the founder of College Diabetes Network Chapter at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. I am a freshman with a Conflict Analysis and Resolution Major with a minor in Russian. Recently, the George Mason University (GMU) Chapter of CDN volunteered at the JDRF… Read more
March 7, 2016Partying, Touchy Topics
Before leaving for college, I had one last visit with my endocrinologist from back home. His parting words of advice to me were, “Now, if you remember anything about taking care of yourself in college, remember this: Hard alcohol will drop your blood sugar, drinks like beer will make it go up, and… Read more
February 26, 2016Partners
Hello! My name is Corinne Logan and I am 21 years old and a current junior at Fordham University in NYC. Since freshman year I’ve been working on my business Pumpstash, spandex shorts for women and girls with insulin pumps. After 2 years of research and trial runs, I officially launched the store (… Read more
February 25, 2016Advocacy and Student Rights
If you’re reading this post, I can almost guarantee that sometime, somewhere, you’ve come into contact with someone who was misinformed to some degree about diabetes. I’ve learned to expect and accept this; after all, the media doesn’t do a good job of dispelling diabetes myths and outdated… Read more
February 24, 2016Health, Mental Health, Relationships
KRISTEN LEWIS, CDN ALUMNA The past year has been one of the most difficult of my life. Between car troubles, a stay in the ICU with DKA and my grandma's death I felt like I was drowning. The thing (or should I say person) that kept me afloat happened to be a boy. Someone with whom I shared my… Read more