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November 25, 2019
Being non-binary and disabled has always made self-love and acceptance difficult for me. My body feels traitorous in its non-functional organs and obnoxious gendered traits. On top of that, the world seems laser-focused on making me feel even worse about myself than I already do. In a world that… Read more
November 25, 2019Study Abroad
Editor's note: This post is taken from CDN student Maria Horner's blog, "Winging It - Type One in Rome". Check out her other posts about studying abroad in Rome with T1D here! You’ve counted out your diabetes supplies, miraculously squeezed them all into your bags using the handy tricks in my post… Read more
November 5, 2019CDN News
For Immediate Release (Boston, MA) November 6, 2019: The College Diabetes Network (CDN) is excited to announce the launch of a bold new initiative in higher education to reduce the significant physical and mental health risks students with diabetes face every day – introducing CDN REACH™. A first… Read more
November 5, 2019College Diabetes Week
Editor's note: College Diabetes Week 2019 is November 11-15! Sign up for all of the fun here. Whether you're a Chapter or individual, everyone can participate.  College Diabetes Week (CDW) has become a special week for the University of Rochester CDN Chapter and our college community. In previous… Read more
October 23, 2019Insurance
As soon as I got the call from College Diabetes Network telling me that I had been selected for the position of Program Assistant in April 2019, my first response was, of course, yes! I’m so excited!   After I hung up, my second thought was about insurance. I immediately Googled whether or not my… Read more
October 23, 2019Insurance
Don’t get me wrong, turning 26 was exciting. I was starting med school full time and moving to New York City - but when you have a chronic health condition, turning 26 is also the dreaded age that you get kicked off of your parents’ health insurance plan. As I prepared for this transition to new… Read more
October 22, 2019Insurance
For non-diabetics, a huge milestone on the path to adulthood is calling to make your own doctor’s appointment. For type 1 diabetics, that milestone is calling your health insurance company to battle for coverage of your life-saving care.  Being a T1D for my entire adult life, I have had the… Read more
October 16, 2019Conference Recaps
Editor's Note: Applications are now open to attend a conference with CDN this summer. Apply here! I have had type one diabetes (T1D) for fourteen years. Since my diagnosis, I have always known that I wanted to become a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) to educate and encourage others that they can… Read more