Welcome to the CDN Board of Directors, Abby!

Abby Coleman

I’m Abby Coleman and I am honored to join the CDN board. Joining the board is a great alignment of both my professional and personal passions.

My professional journey has led me to focus on healthy behavior change and using digital tools to amplify the power of knowledge transfer. The way CDN leverages the power of peer networks to help young adults gain independence of diabetes management inspires me. I am excited to be joining the board at a time when so many forces are converging to make peer to peer knowledge transfer faster and more inclusive of diverse voices. 

I spent the first stage of my career in CPG (Kraft, Mondelez) and then the second stage eCommerce (Amazon, Territory Foods), and this gave me a deep well of experience solving problems on behalf of my customers. I’m now focused in my career on empowering people across health, education and financial wellness. I am also an advisor to an incredible company in VR education, Lighthaus. 

Personally, I grew up with type one diabetes in my family, as my mother developed adult onset diabetes after having gestational diabetes while pregnant. Because of this unusual path to diagnosis, she did not have a peer group to lean on, and had to advocate for herself from the beginning. I watched her navigate social situations, having to adjust her food and drink to better align to her nutrition needs, and stay on top of her team of doctors to ensure she was always getting the best care. The wonderful advancements in technology have helped management get easier over the years, but her constant vigilance will never go away. 

I look forward to connecting with the CDN community (the CDN success stories light me up!) and being part of this incredible organization