Welcome, Anna!

Anna, Special Projects Manager



Oh hey there!

My name is Anna Floreen Sabino and I'm new here. I recently (aka this week) joined the CDN team as the Special Projects Manager and am excited to hone in on the area of the T1D space that I am most passionate about- empowering teens and young adults with T1D to aspire and thrive despite living with a chronic illness. As I dig in to my role I'm really excited to specifically be focusing on CDN's newly launched strategic plan- building on the community, resources, and partnerships the CDN team has worked so hard to grow since CDN originally got started back in 2009. All of that is to say- we are excited to foster an organization which: 

  • Understands the barriers faced by the transitioning young adult population and has the tools and direction to assist young adults in overcoming these barriers.

  • Advocates on behalf of young adults with T1D, leveraging a reputation of excellence and collaborative strategic alliances to ensure our members’ voices are heard across the sector.

  • Creates an environment rich with opportunities for passionate young leaders to pursue inspiring careers in the diabetes sector.

After 5 years working at the T1D Exchange I'm looking forward to utilizing all I learned in patient-centered research and applying my newly earned CDE status to a new team. In addition to the CDE, I have an MSW from Washington University in St. Louis and then spent 3 years overseeing all youth and family programs for the New England ADA chapter. I continue to serve on the local board of AADE as well as the newly developed Psychosocial JDRF Speakers Bureau.  

I'm no stranger to CDN, having connected with Christina and Jo early on through my role at the New England ADA chapter, I have served on various advisory boards for CDN here in Boston while CDN was in its start-up phase. I call Boston home, along with my husband, infant daughter, and our dog Orvis. College was the best 4 years of my life (Syracuse, go Orange!) and I'm so excited to be a part of influencing the strategy and outcomes of the lives of others.