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September 16, 2021Off to College, Partying
Editor's note: This blog is part of our Feeling 100! initiative - learn more here.  College holds many new experiences for students, including socializing, partying, and for some, alcohol. These new experiences may hold challenges for students with T1D since alcohol can cause hypoglycemia. Certain… Read more
September 14, 2021Partners, NextGen
My name is Alex and I am a 2021 NextGen Fellow with CDN. I am a student at California State University East Bay pursuing a BA in Business Administration with a focus on Operations and Supply Chain Management. As a person living with T1D for over 10 years, I understand that access to insulin and… Read more
September 2, 2021Accommodations, Off to College
Editor's note: This blog is part of our Feeling 100! initiative, learn more here.    In the Fall of 2018, I was going into my Freshman year of college at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It is a small school nestled between Milwaukee and Chicago overlooking Lake Michigan. When going into… Read more
August 20, 2021Technology, NextGen
I recently had the pleasure to speak with Paul Edick, the Chairman and CEO of Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc., about Gvoke HypoPen®, a ready-to-use form of glucagon. As a person with type one diabetes, one of my biggest fears has always been low blood sugar. Thankfully, up to this point, I’ve always… Read more
August 17, 2021Conference Recaps
Each year, CDN selects a group of young adult leaders as part of our NextGen program to attend conferences to network, represent CDN, and learn about the latest research and innovations in diabetes. This year, we had 10 NextGen Fellows attend the 2021 ADCES Annual Meeting. While the conference… Read more
August 16, 2021Off to College, Dining Hall Eating, Accommodations
Editor's note: This blog is part of our Feeling 100! initiative, learn more here.  Oh no! Your blood sugar is low on campus. No fear! Your hypoglycemic compass is here! Here are a few tips to help you dodge the drop: Always have low snacks ready Personally, I use pencil pouches that I… Read more
August 6, 2021Conference Recaps, NextGen
As I eagerly found a seat for the First Timers Orientation, I heard the familiar blaring high alarm of a Dexcom. I laughed as every single person in the room checked to see if it was them. I felt an overwhelming sense of belonging and reflected on my journey that brought me from California to… Read more