ADA 2017: Sam and Courtney

Courtney Gale, Bryant University '19 and Sam Grover, Brigham Young University '18

Courtney Gale, Bryant University '19


When I saw that the College Diabetes Network (CDN) had the opportunity to send student representatives to the American Diabetes Association’s 77thScientific Sessions in San Diego, I applied instantly! I was thrilled with the opportunity to represent CDN and attend the Scientific Sessions.

On Friday, our first full day, we were able to tour the Dexcom and Tandem Diabetes Care headquarters. Saturday was spent setting up our booth in the exhibit hall, networking with other companies, and attending sessions. I spent most of the day walking through the exhibit hall exploring the different interactive displays that were offered by hundreds of companies! From virtual reality holographic videos to free A1C testing, the exhibit hall had so much to offer.

Sunday was spent attending sessions run by leading medical professionals and scientists, as well as getting ready for evening events. The other students and I had an absolute blast hopping all around San Diego to attend multiple events hosted by a variety of companies.

Monday came far too quickly and we were all sad to see the week go! We packed up everything from our booth, and attended some final sessions on medical advancement and research. That night we attended another reception where we were able to network with CEO’s of major companies that have influenced the diabetes community. The night ended with some heartfelt goodbyes and trying to organize our suitcases with all of the new items we collected throughout the week!

Even though my fellow CDN students that attended live all over the USA and have different interests, the connection we have through living with type one diabetes will be a bond that we share for life! Thank you CDN for helping make one of my dreams come true by sending me to California, and connecting me with some of the most inspiring, dedicated student advocates for diabetes.


Sam Grover, Brigham Young University '18


Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to attend ADA’s 77th Scientific Sessions with The College Diabetes Network (CDN) in San Diego, California. Every day we spent in San Diego was filled with adventure and excitement.

On the first day, we were able to tour the Dexcom and Tandem facilities in San Diego. Both companies have their headquarters right outside of San Diego. I was very excited for these tours because I use products from both of those companies.  

After the amazing experience of touring the facilities, we checked into the conference at the San Diego Conference Center and began to enjoy the lectures given by various professionals and experts in diabetes. If we weren’t at lectures, then we were at the booth for CDN informing everyone about who we are and what we do. People were blown away by CDN and were grateful that a program like ours existed.

In addition to running the booth, we had the opportunity to walk around the convention center and talk to different company representatives and receive lots of “freebies!” In the evening, we were able to attend multiple receptions throughout all of downtown San Diego. A couple of the receptions were held at beautiful rooftop lounges and we were able to meet and talk with many leaders in the diabetes community. I am so grateful to CDN for this incredible opportunity and feel even more inspired to pursue my career path of becoming an endocrinologist.