Editor's note: This is the second in an ongoing series of posts by Oliver Shane, who is a high school student with type 1 diabetes. Hello everyone, I’m finally a sophomore at William T. Dwyer High School. While technically still a high schooler, I’m also a college student at Palm Beach State College through the power of dual enrollment. With dual enrollment, the back-to-school experience from the perspective of a diabetic student is not quite that of a high schooler or a full-time college… Read more
“Can you turn your alarm off?” That has probably been asked of me more times that I am willing to confess. Throughout elementary school, middle school and even at college, I heard those words. I am grateful for those who know I’m diabetic and show a little kindness. However, I knew once college ended and I got a job, different boundaries would have to be in place. When I worked as a tutor or a cashier at a pizza joint, everyone knew I was diabetic. Everyone knew what that looked like and… Read more
In the Fall of 2018, I was going into my Freshman year of college at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It is a small school nestled between Milwaukee and Chicago overlooking Lake Michigan. When going into college, it is easy to lose sight of how diabetes plays a huge factor in the transition from high school to college. Personally, I was too busy figuring out my dorm decorations and talking with my roommate about how we were going to arrange our dorm room. It was in my freshman… Read more
Editor's note: This blog is part of our Feeling 100! initiative, learn more here.  Oh no! Your blood sugar is low on campus. No fear! Your hypoglycemic compass is here! Here are a few tips to help you dodge the drop: Always have low snacks ready Personally, I use pencil pouches that I use to store mints and peanut crackers. I can have the supplies I need and be discrete.
CDN STUDENT ADVICE COLUMNISTS 2018-2019 Editor's note: A warm welcome to our new Student Advice Columnists for the 2018-2019 school year! They'll be answering your anonymous questions about everything T1D and young adulthood. Ask your question here! Q: What’s your best advice for finding a balance between not milking your accommodations and other’s sympathies and not having enough resources? I’ve always been told not to use my diabetes as a crutch but it’s hard sometimes when you get some… Read more
KAMERAN ULFERTS, UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA-KEARNEY '18 My experience with the disability services office at the university I attend, the University of Nebraska-Kearney, started out with a unique narrative. When I arrived to college as a freshman I had been living with diabetes for about five to six years and I began to soak up every opportunity of independence that presented itself. I grew up in a small, rural school where the label “diabetic” was almost always attached to my identity. Coming to… Read more
"If you don't take this exam, you'll get a zero on it and your final exam will be worth double, which is nearly half of your grade." Not exactly the words any college kid wants to hear from their professor, especially when the student is having an insulin pump malfunction. That's exactly the situation I found myself in my sophomore year of college, and with no established office of disabilities on campus, it was just me advocating against university policy. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely… Read more
After a long summer break, it can be hard to get back into the swing of classes and extracurricular activities. Add diabetes into the mix of starting up college life again and things can get crazy! Check out these helpful tips to help you start your school year off right: Stock up on Supplies In the midst of packing up your clothes and school supplies, remember to pack up diabetes supplies too! Make sure you have plenty of supplies to get you started in the school year. If you can, try… Read more
Question: What kind of disabilities services should I ask for? I am a freshman in college and I'm not really sure what I might need from the Office for Disability Services (ODS) for T1D, and the ODS counselor isn't really sure what is appropriate to offer. Thanks. Answers: Maddy: You’ve already taken a smart step at the start of your college career by getting in touch with ODS! I went through my first two years of college not even knowing I could have registered with my university’s student… Read more
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